Saturday, March 07, 2009

Meet the diseased squid

Another one of those things that worked better in my head...

This particular infected marine mollusc is SUPPOSED to be a tree :)

Even placing it on a nice grassy hill and embroidering it a few leaves doesn't detract from its undeniable cephalopod-ness.

Ah well, it was worth a try :D

This is my entry for last month's Art Raffle, which I need to send out this week. It's late. Sorry all. Life got in the way big time.

The background is acrylics, Squidney Crosby there was made from airdry clay and painted with brown and bronze acrylics before being varnished, and the leaves are embroidered straight onto the canvas with variegated floss.

I hope the raffle winner doesn't have an irrational fear of poorly sealife.

In other news. Awwwwwww. Darcy. Awwwwww. Now give that baby back to its mother and come heeeeeeere! :D

You know, I think Mr Kesler is getting a leeeetle jealous at all the attention I'm giving his cutie enforcer pal, because this is what he had to say about the Hordibaby photo:

“Embarrassing,” said Ryan Kesler, who sits next to Hordichuk in the Canuck dressing room. “There should be a fine. For him to actually pose for a picture with his shirt off... You’ve seen his body, He doesn’t have the greatest body. It’s like the ‘before’ picture in the Jenny Craig commercials.”

Now now boys, there's enough of me to go round, you don't have to bicker :D :D :D


Anonymous said...

Well I like your canvas! Thanks for the eye-candy BTW! x

Anonymous said...

Actually,a diseased squid wasnt my first reaction....seriously,I saw the photo first and thought,'cool,this must be flo's rafle entry'....personally,I like it.
Mind you,we are our own worst critics....and I dont think,Ive ever managed to put whats in my minds eye on to a piece of paper yet lol

3rdEyeMuse said...

I saw a tree, too ... I get it though. Sometimes what we imagine translates into something else completely. I think the raffle winner will be thrilled. I really like the round canvas and your embroidered leaves quite a lot ... and think you should consider trying another tree sometime. :)

Minxy said...

I'll pass on the naked man thanks but i absolutly love the squid, em er i mean Tree, no seriously i do love the tree piece, think its cool :O)

Hazel said...

I see a tree, and I see the neatest embroidery ever in your leaves! I also see the time you must have put into this... lucky winner :)

forcryeye said...

First off, that looks like a tree, not a squid. I love that you venture in to new mediums with ease! Secondly, woo hoo...he is hot...and what is sexier than a hot man holding a baby? MMMMM!

Unknown said...

I love it andI think you are too hard on yourself! it looks just like a tree to me and I love the background too!