Saturday, March 28, 2009

Buy gorgeous stamps = help my long lost cousin

Admit it, you want these stamps!

Even if you don't, please please buy them, details here:

because $10 from each sale is going directly to my very good friend and cuz (in spirit) Paula in Illinois, who recently lost her house and all its contents to fire :(

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kesler dropped to the ice to block Jere Lehtinen's second-period shot, missed the puck but not the Star's skate, which clipped the back of his head as Lehtinen jumped over Kesler.

He appeared dazed, but was able to skate off the ice.

"I got lucky," Kesler said. "It could have been way worse. Obviously, I was pretty worried walking into the locker room but they were able to fix it up so I could go back out. "

With the shallow, four-inch laceration closed, Kesler returned to the game and in the third period cut hard around defenceman Darryl Sydor and fired under Turco to make it 4-1 at 2:26.

That's my boy, head cut open by a skate blade, what does he do? Come straight back out and score :)

I am almost getting bored with saying "I told you so" now, but I TOLD YOU SO! Kesler for the C.

Dank Sedin bled all over the ice from a high stick to the chops and scored shortly afterwards too, maybe next time we hit a slump AV should randomly punch a couple of the guys to wake them up? Seems to work!

Final result Van 5 Dal 2 - whoot!

That makes up for Saturday :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

my Canucks are 14-3-1 since the start of February

get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's go jellyfishing!

(I think I've been watching too much Spongebob)

I made this last night while waiting for the Canucks game to start, it's 2 weeks overdue, eeek! Sorry Irboo!

This is for the fabric round robin I am currently involved in (and am enjoying very much). We were each given a square of dark blue fabric to work with, with a request to leave the edges unfinished as the recipient isn't yet sure whether she is going to quilt them into a wallhanging or bind them into a book.

Other than that, anything goes.

I had been wanting to try reverse applique for a while, and I have some lovely "under the sea" style batik fabric, which kind of went with the blue backing fabric, so that's what I went with.

It was a toss up between fish swimming through coral, or a jellyfish and bubbles, but I swiftly discovered I can't draw fish to save my a jellyfish it was to be :D

Close up so you can see where the upper layers of fabric have been cut through to reveal the other patterns underneath (NB both this and the main pic above would really benefit from being clicked on - the Blogger-shrunk pics mess the colours and the details up):

I wanted to wash this to encourage the edges to fray more, but was paranoid in case after all that work, it shrank or ran or something....but hopefully they will scuff up a bit with handling.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Meet the diseased squid

Another one of those things that worked better in my head...

This particular infected marine mollusc is SUPPOSED to be a tree :)

Even placing it on a nice grassy hill and embroidering it a few leaves doesn't detract from its undeniable cephalopod-ness.

Ah well, it was worth a try :D

This is my entry for last month's Art Raffle, which I need to send out this week. It's late. Sorry all. Life got in the way big time.

The background is acrylics, Squidney Crosby there was made from airdry clay and painted with brown and bronze acrylics before being varnished, and the leaves are embroidered straight onto the canvas with variegated floss.

I hope the raffle winner doesn't have an irrational fear of poorly sealife.

In other news. Awwwwwww. Darcy. Awwwwww. Now give that baby back to its mother and come heeeeeeere! :D

You know, I think Mr Kesler is getting a leeeetle jealous at all the attention I'm giving his cutie enforcer pal, because this is what he had to say about the Hordibaby photo:

“Embarrassing,” said Ryan Kesler, who sits next to Hordichuk in the Canuck dressing room. “There should be a fine. For him to actually pose for a picture with his shirt off... You’ve seen his body, He doesn’t have the greatest body. It’s like the ‘before’ picture in the Jenny Craig commercials.”

Now now boys, there's enough of me to go round, you don't have to bicker :D :D :D

Thursday, March 05, 2009