Thursday, January 01, 2009

I swear I thought I would never let up giggling

I LOVED the Winter Classic, but the OTT-ness of the Star Spangled Banner made me miss the first 5 minutes of the first, easy

I just couldn't stop laughing

It just got better and better, through pyrotechnics to the Top Gun re-enactment

I loved it, so so funny

Judge for yourself:

The way I see it, firstly the Canadians had their lovely, restrained, self assured, sexually confident, rendition of O Canada

Then the Yanks barge in with the BIGGEST manhood size complex eva eva ev-ahhh, and this was the result :D

If I was a Canadian sat in the Wrigley Field bleachers this afternoon, I would be so smug, secure in the knowledge that I just didn't need to try THAT hard.

As for the hockey - a thoroughly enjoyable game, and the right team won.


Kim Mailhot said...

Talk about a giggle! I am a Canadian Chick married to a Yank ! The great thing about my man is that he is only second generation Yank - his grandparents were from Canada -luckily, that "confident" Canuck blood runs deep and we have no problem with our big guns here !;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed a good laugh and that did it. I had tears streaming down my face. I've not seen anything that funny in years. I thought you were freakin KIDDING about the Top Gun re-enactment.
I should have known better...
Loving the Canadian singer. Can I take him home please?

Hazel said...

I was just thinking that the US rendition wasn't too bad, then the finale started- sooooo funny! TFS.

me2 said...

Now Sarah, don't forget your YANK cousin, who happens to frequent Wrigley Field! We have to be over the top you know!!! I am pissed at myself, I intended to watch that game...and forgot about it. I am glad you enjoyed it for the two of us. xo

Sid said...

Flo, what an absolute hoot! Very funny indeed !!

Unknown said...

I think your commentary was the funniest part!!!! melinda

Sarah said...

I just want to stress (having had a snotty email from a random American) that I'm not anti US - I love the American OTT style, I really do, this video makes me smile so much but I'm not laughing at all of America, just this particular anthem production. My favourite hockeyist is a Yank after all ;)

mark said...

haha... it takes someone with a special sense of humour and view of the world to highlight the hilarity. i was chuckling at the singer battling the fireworks... and then the jets just capped it all