Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm slowly playing catch up....

I have been getting worryingly behind with my collaborative commitments recently, partly because life in general has been busy, and partly because the fabric work I have been doing is so much more time consuming than paper stuff.

So I am pleased to have got another entry for the Tattoo CJ done and dusted

This is Vicky's book and her theme is "My First Tattoo"

Well, my first tattoo is verrry old :)

I had it done when I was just 16 (sorry Dad!!!!), and it is a Hawkwind logo.

For those of you too young to remember the space rock geniuses (geneii??) that were Hawkwind, here's what the logo is supposed to look like:

And here is the oh-so-cute Dave Brock, who was singer/guitarist in the band in their best era:

I got a Christmas card from him one year, I nearly fainted with joy!
I've still got it somewhere.....must try to find it......

Ahhh, Hawkwind, Here and Now, the Stonehenge free festival, those were the days!

Anyway, back to the CJ

The background was made with glimmer mists (which makes it so difficult to photograph!) and a mask I cut of the band logo from acetate.

There is also a fair bit of stamping of suitably "space rocky" swirls and things using pigment inks in toning colours.

I highlighted my tattoo on the photo with a little pronged frame thing (I can't remember the proper word for these - a conch? something like that), stamped and embossed the title, handwrote the journalling, and edged the lot with acrylic paint.

That was about it

Close up of the journalling:

(the bit at the end isn't very clear in the photo, it says "I thought it was so damn COOL at the time, but to be fair, it hasn't aged all that well :)")

Close up of the left hand page - I was trying to capture the shimmeryness.... glimmer mists are so fab but you just can't capture it in a photo....

Now on to the next Fabric CJ entry - see you in three weeks!


Sid said...

Nice one the layout very much ! Tose micas just don't photo well, very frustrating !!

Angelnorth said...

Fab CJ entry! Love the random swirls and I'm mentally filling in the shimmer (I think the problem with photographing it is that you really need movement for it to show well so a photo is never going to do it). The masking worked really well for the logo - great stuff!

Anonymous said...

wow love the colours,lo,masking...well, actually I love everything about it - would love to be able to see it in real-life to get the full effect of the glimmer mists.

ally said...

another fab tattoo cj entry

Hazel said...

Love your custom mask, and all those swirls in the background. Great CJ entry.