Monday, October 27, 2008

What a purty bunch of assistant captains we have

'scuse me while I have a puck bunny moment :)

Friday Five - bit late again

1.) Are you sick of election time yet?
Luckily being in the UK we're not quite as engulfed in the US election as I expect you guys are over there. We still get plenty of coverage - and I find it quite interesting - but not so much as to be tedious.

2.) What color Post-It notes do you prefer?
Classic yellow for me - the bigger the better, as I use them mainly for cutting out masks for stamping and stencilling

3.) Do you use coasters?
Nah :) My table is already covered in paint and glue - the odd mug ring isn't going to matter

4.) Are you a better presenter or paper writer?
Paper writer definitely. When I present out loud I am all umms and errrs, it's painful to watch

5.) Do you buy CDs any more?
Very rarely. I'll be buying the new John Frusciante CD though fo sho

This is so overdue it's not funny

but hopefully worth the wait

Alix - sorry it has taken so long!

I quick photo stencil how-to for anyone wanting to make something similar (but hopefully not take almost 6 months over it like I have!)

This was the photo of the suave Swede that I started off with:

I took it into Photoshop and thresholded it, playing with the cut off until I was happy that the resulting black and white image was recognisably Mattias:

This image was then printed onto freezer paper, and all the black parts were cut out with a sharp knife (slowly and carefully) - leaving bridges where necessary to make sure that bits like the vintage logo on the jersey didn't fall out of the stencil completely.

the freezer paper stencil once I had finished cutting ^

(his hair was a total PITA! I should have used a pic of him with his lid on lol)

The freezer paper stencil was then ironed onto the front of a light blue cotton t-shirt (cutting away the bridges once everything was positioned properly). And a complete sheet of freezer paper was also ironed into the inside of the t shirt behind the stencil, facing the other way. This is to act as a barrrier to any paint that might bleed through the fabric, as otherwise it could stain the back of the shirt.

The next step is to carfully sponge fabric paint - I used a metallic royal blue coloured paint by Lumiere - over the stencil, in a dabbing motion, with a fairly dry sponge. In other words, don't saturate the sponge with paint as if it is too wet it might make its way under the stencil and ruin your nice sharp outline. Instead go over with a nearly dry sponge a number of times, always dabbing up and down never dragging or scrubbing.

I didn't take a photo of this step, but you can imagine.

The next bit seems to take a lifetime - that is waiting for the paint to dry COMPLETELY before peeling off the stencil to see if any paint has crept underneath and ruined the whole thing (and wasted the stencil you took hours cutting!)

Thankfully, it was a very successful paint job in this case, with no bleeding at all, phew!

All it needed was a good iron to make the paint wash-proof, and it's ready to go over to Canada to the home of the Humming Giraffe :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Twitter experiment

As a way to keep people up to date who couldn't make it to the rink, and also just to see if I could, I thought I would live Twitter the Wildcats v Telford game last night

Never again :)

Unless I can learn how to text without looking at the phone, anyway.

I missed too much of the game by taking my eyes off it to text about it.

I even missed a goal - grrr. Forsyth turned the puck over in the neutral zone and gave Telford a clear breakaway, nobody was anywhere near the Tiger but Sitko zoomed up there like a man posessed, dived half way across the width of the ice and poked it out just in time.

So I leapt on my phone to tweet about Sitko's sweeeet defending, and before I'd got to the 2nd or 3rd word everyone's cheering, because that puck had gone straight down the ice while I wasn't paying attention, Joel had found it and popped it in. Pah. They should check I'm looking before they take a shot :)

I also was so rattled trying to watch and text at the same time that I apparently was under the impression that the game had four periods LOL. I haven't corrected them below - but when I mention the 2nd period I meant the 1st and when I mention the 3rd period I meant the 2nd. (hence us managing to score 2 more goals after the end of the 3rd period) DOH!

Anyway - here are the results of my experiment (and if I ever do it again I will only text in the period breaks) :
  • Out come the lads. Both watt bros icing by the look of things. So that doesnt clear anything up.

  • And again. Ryan w got the loudest cheer . Hope the p t b are listening.

  • Lee r is on fire! Less than 3 mins in and about 3 or 4 shots already and now a goal. Yes! Assist sitko

  • Beautiful end to end from sitko! Scrum at the goal to stop him. Got us a powerplay

  • Goal! Looked like we were going to concede after a scary telford breakaway. But 24 saved the day and on the way back 23 scored :)

  • Last few mins of 2nd we have lost momentum. Forsyth seems a bit rattled and we have lost dominance a little. Eop score 2 0 us

  • Dont know why they bothered to dress ryan w. He didnt play a single shift :( guess that is that then :(

  • And lots of other rumours flying around too. Including a brand new one. All very odd.

  • Less than a minute into the 3rd and we are 3 0 :) sitko from nicky watt. Wish i could enjoy this game properly

  • Ryan w on the ice :) huge cheer :)

  • When kudrna is on form he is godlike :)

  • End of 3rd period. 3 0 cats. Watt the younger iced twice. Both brothers smiling. Even nicky :) no idea what is going on. Good game tho :)

  • And its four ! Aaron nell from stringer aka the torch

  • Johnny 5 is alive :) long from hayes. And nicky watt just had a short but successful scrap

  • And its a shutout :) great game! Very proud of my boys :) no idea who mom was asked pete r he didnt know either :)

For the record, MOM was Kudrna. Couldn't have been anyone else really. Never seen an EPL goalie get that far into the zone. He could have stopped anything last night.

And it was his turn to do autographs too - never seen a signing queue like it, because we all wanted to tell him he's a genius :) And commiserate with poor Oli that he is never going to get any ice time at this rate!

Connor's first ATC trade

and I'm sure it won't be the last

Connor traded with Lorraine's son Luke, who is 5, after discovering that they both share a love of Dr Who and Wall E :)

Connor's ATC was based on the photo below, that we found on the net - of Wall E sitting atop a pile of rubble and gazing wistfully into the stars

Luke's fab collaged ATC has a Dr Who Top Trumps card as its base, and a cheeky little pumpkin to remind us it's nearly Halloween :)

Both boys were really excited to receive a special gift in the post just for them, and I'm sure they will be trading again soon

Friday, October 24, 2008

One of those ideas that worked better in my head....

I really can't work out whether or not I like this

Half of me is really proud of it, as it's my first ever attempt at embroidery (although, to be fair, this is more darning than embroidery...) and I think it turned out pretty neat and tidy.

But on the other hand I was aiming for an arty mini quilt. But it just looks to me like something you'd expect your granny to make. Not very edgy :)

Anyway - it doesn't really matter if I like it, as long as the CJ recipient (Efemera) does :)

One thing I am pleased with is the silk that the embroidery is sitting on - I dyed that myself and I like how it came out.

The flower was hand drawn and then filled in with variegated embroidery threads in a darning stitch (a bit like weaving over the surface of the fabric). It took forever! But at least I could do it sitting in front of the TV.

And there's even a bit of machine sewing on there too - I'm slowly getting less scared of the machine :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Five 18th October 2008

a bit late

1.) What is your favorite pasta dish?

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, I think, or maybe a nice veggie lasagne.

2.) Where was the last postcard you got from?

From Crete, where my chappie had most inconsiderately gone on holiday without me, pah :)

3.) Can you name all the state/provincial capitals? How about just all the states/provinces?

No fair - I'm a foreigner. Can I do the English counties instead? (not that I could do that either, there are way too many of them)

4.) Which new iPod color is the coolest?

I quite like the green one, but to be honest I prefer stuff like that in plain black.

5.) How many pairs of jeans do you own?

about 8 that fit :O

Monday, October 13, 2008


So - we had a bit of a chippy game at the Link last night!

Penalty minutes: SWI 118, WIG 129


But in between all the fisticuffs we managed to pop 8 - yes 8 - pucks in the net :)

Wightlink managed 2

Result! :)

What happened to the Wildcats of old who go one ahead in the first, then collapse in the second, and struggle back to a one goal lead in the third if they're lucky?

What happened to the Canucks who can't score or come back from behind?

Whoever woke up my teams over the summer - THANK YOU!!

Oh - and those 8 goals? Joel didn't have a hand in any of them - so we're not goalless when we're Joelless, oh no. Poor bloke only lasted about 5 mins then then took a stick to the face and had to go to hospital for stitches. Ouch.

But to prove he was there:

I took my posh camera along for a change and am glad I did as I am pleased with how the pics turned out.

The full set is here

But here's a gratuitous shot of Sitko:

Sing song part 1 - let's all do the conga:

and part 2 - they'll be comin' round the mountain:

And Connor and his heeeeeeeero:

I was going to write more about the game, but it's already been discussed to death on THF anyway, and, well, it can be summarised pretty succinctly: "naughty Gareth, WTG Jamie, that wasn't boarding, lots of goals whoot, Ryan is entertaining, we won"

My new career as a sports journalist is beckoning, huh?

Footage of all the major fights, not for the fainthearted!:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Further proof that the Wildcats and the Canucks are actually the same team leading a double life

just like Hannah Montana!

6. Brothers....both teams have brothers

7. Both teams seem most vulnerable at the hands of recently departed ex teamies who couldn't score FOR us but don't seem to have any trouble scoring ON us. Addie Brittle got a hat trick??? wha???? Nathan McIver gets past Luongo???? what's going on???

Friday, October 10, 2008

Luc Bourdon's tribute - not a dry eye in the house

RIP Luc - we miss you so much

I just have 5 mins before hometime to knock out the Friday Five....

1.) What is the number one thing that you just can't help but whine about?

Ummm. I'm not a huge whiner. Well, I don't think I am. I'm more of a bottle it up for a month then blow spectacularly person, than the kind that releases the pressure little and often through whining. I do moan at the kids for the state of the house every now and then, though, not that it gets me anywhere.

2.) Have you stopped wearing flip flops for the season yet?

You can tell this question wasn't written in England :) Honey, our summer has been more wellingtons than flip flops :)

3.) If you HAD to chose one, would you get either the baby blue or the pink NHL sweater?

Oh please - don't make me! It would have to be the blue, because you would have to kill me before I'd don the pink.

4.) What movie will you always stop and watch if you flip by it on TV?

West Side Story, or pretty much any other musical I know all the words to. If I was a boy I would be SO gay :)

5.) What's the best Halloween costume you've ever had?

Sadly I don't think I've ever dressed up all out - we kind of don't so much over here. I do have a Morticia wig though that I put on when I open the door to the trick or treaters, and a cool top with dancing mummies on it that I got in Florida one year....

Separated at birth?

First of all. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen last night’s Canucks game yet.

Wow! WHAT a START to the season!

It’s a lovely feeling to be PROUD to be a Canucks fan for a change, knowing that my team has truly impressed out there, rather than mildly apologetic :)

And I for one am not at all surprised that Roberto and Burr played out of their skins after their central part in Luc Bordon’s very moving tribute – they did it for Luc. And what a way to honour him!

But the point of this particular post isn’t to “whoooooooooooooooot” for my Nucks (you can assume that I am doing one big “whoooooooooooooooooooot” all day in the background though)

It’s more to document, while it’s fresh in my head, something that struck me as I was driving into work this morning.

This is a long post and will be of *zero* interest to anyone who isn’t a fan of both the Vancouver Canucks and the Swindon Wildcats. And I’m pretty sure that this particular cross section of the population is a sample of precisely one :) So , basically, if you’re not me, stop reading now!

What it was that struck me, is that, just as most women have a “type” when it comes to men (you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine :)) – I also seem to have a “type” of hockey team.

You could argue that I didn’t really “choose” either of my teams. I inherited the Canucks from my Vancouver-crazy best mate and her hubby, and Swindon by geographical accident. But, again, just like with a man, having fallen so hard in love with these two teams, I can’t imagine choosing any other even if I could go back and start with a completely clean slate.

Comparing the two teams, literally leagues apart, feels a little like pitting a minor actor who just got their first walk on part in Holby City up against Johnny Depp. But my struggling actor and my movie star are so similar in personality, I don’t know how I didn’t notice it sooner:

Both teams......

  1. Have a miracle worker between the pipes. Luongo. Kudrna. Yes, I know they are at very different levels in the game, but I will stick my neck out and say that both are the best in their league. Neither are likely to be sitting out many games (you gotta feel sorry for Curtis and Oli). Both can pull off impossible saves. Both want to WIN and neither is averse to back chatting the ref! (Captain Lu of course is now almost allowed to)

  2. Have added a LOT of grit this year to address softness issues. You will remember that awful game last season where the Flyers came to GM place, beat us 8-2, and beat us up physically too. There was nobody to stand up for Kesler when he took that vicious cross check to the face from spit Boulerice spit.
    The twins and Lu got pushed around too. We were like a class full of 5 year olds attacked by teenage bullies. It was absolutely horrible.
    Swindon’s equivalent could well be the game away in Essex last year which left us down two of our best players, Kaminskas went out to injure us and there was barely a big or willing body to stop him doing just that.
    Contrast that to last night’s Canucks game – not only have we added a traditional enforcer to the roster in the shape of Darcy Hordichuk, but also the toughness vibe seems to be rubbing off across the whole team. Bernier took on Phaneuf when Dion pushed Hank about a bit – when is the last time you saw someone really standing up for the Sedins?? Think of the freedom to produce that protection will give them!!! And Hansen responding to the shove on Luongo? Go Jannik!!! Kes and Burr were in everyone’s faces and still found the time to pop a couple of goals past Kipper. Are you getting the message Western Conference? You can’t just bulldoze through us any more.
    And as for Swindon – Braiths can’t be on the ice for every shift, but finally he doesn’t need to be. We have added so much physicality this season, it makes me go weak at the knees :) First up – the psycho twins – as long as we can keep the Watts under an element of control, I think they are an excellent addition to the line up. Can you imagine someone taking liberties with, say, Joel, and the Watt bros letting them get away with it? Nah, nor me :) Then you have Sitko. I’m going to restrain from making comments about what it would feel like to look up (from the puck! the puck!) and see him bearing down on you (on skates! across the ice!) :D But – seriously – you get ridden into the boards by this guy, you’re going to be in a world of hurt. Even some of our carry overs from last season have bulked up – I barely recognised Jamie Hayes. And we have kept hold of the other members of our squad who are happy to rough it up from time to time – Wheats, Moore etc. Someone on THF said something about us going from a total soft touch to the “Swindon Wildgoons”. We haven’t gone that far, and we won’t, the difference in the team’s attitude on the ice since the Telford debacle is evidence of that, but we sure are going to be harder to play against this year.

  3. Have a history of struggling offensively, and have won more games by stopping the opposition scoring than by getting lots of pucks in the net ourselves. But *touch wood* both squads are addressing that problem. Swindon by getting Joel back AGAIN and also making other good additions to the team who can chip them in. Or in Sitko’s case, slap ‘em in from the blue line. (You know even THAT looks like a double entendre to me lol). And Vancouver – yes, maybe it's too early to tell – but it looks like we might have FINALLY found a good linemate for the twins! (and if Bernier doesn’t work out is it too late to get Anson Carter back??). Add that to the return of serious secondary scoring from our D, and the Kes-Burr-Hansen line on pace for a stellar season. Even our 4th line guys can score – even short handed – take that!!! I’m yet to be 100% convinced by line 2 but on paper they look good, and we’re only 1 game in to the season, I am hopeful….

  4. Are going to turn heads this year, I can feel it in my water

  5. Rock. My. World!!!!!!

I love my teams.

I love my game.

This is going to be a good year.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

WTG Kes!

Number one in Sportsnet's Top 10 Plays of the 2007/8 Season


That was one sick goal though, huh? huh??? :)

This appears to be my 600th post

Is "blog candy" traditional? I think it is. OK, please feel free to comment on this or any other recent post. I'll choose someone at random from anyone who comments on anything at all over the next 2 days, and send a little goodie bag of nice things :)

It's always cool to get a handle on who out there is actually paying attention.... :)

Anyway - here's a badly photographed CJ entry.

The theme for this journal is "the story behind your tattoo", so I've homed in on my most recent one (my backpiece of the mother and baby orcas) and explained what it means to me.

Rather than being a double page spread this one has the "why orcas?" page on top, which then lifts up to reveal the page with the tags. So, no, I don't have the binding holes on the wrong sides :P

I went a bit crazy with my new sewing machine on this, just because I could :) So the big orca on the first page is a little "quilt", complete with wadding. I stamped my beautiful Michelle Ward original onto denim, and then painted over the top with Lumiere paint. Then I machine sewed BADLY around it a few times.

The smaller orca is the same stamp on clear shrink plastic with gold ink. I punched the holes before shrinking and hand sewed it to the page.

Oh and the background is three colours of Ranger pearlescent acrylics scraped onto cheap watercolour paper using an old credit card.

On the second page there is a naaaasty photo of my flabby back. I would have preferred not to expose my extreme chub to the world but I can hardly do a CJ entry on my backpiece without a photo of my back! :)

The tags explain what the tattoo means to me - freedom, motherhood, Canada and the most beautiful sport on god's earth.

The little tiny acrylic picture frame (1" square) holds a photo of the tat in progress:

And I made the embellishment below by embossing a thin sheet of copper over an Orca pendant I bought when I was in Vancouver (and highlighted it with acrylic paint and alcohol ink)

So, hopefully, now everyone knows - that's why orcas! :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If I wasn't already very much spoken for, I would propose to this man :)

And, to the best of my knowledge, he doesn't even play hockey!!

So there I was, having a natter with an ex boss of mine on Facebook - who it turns out is a huge Husker Du fan, as was I back in the day - and the whole time we worked together we never realised we shared a love for a relatively obscure corner of the music world.

This got me in the mood to listen to some of the tracks from Zen Arcade, as I don't have that album any more (all my music was on vinyl and that's one of the ones I haven't replaced yet)....

....which sent me off to YouTube to see what I could find....

and I found this super cool video of this guy dancing to "Something I Learned Today"

I love it!

YouTube is so cool :) and this random guy is even cooler :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm still loving this song :)


You've got to play it at the games

Go on, just for me, pretty please :) :) :)

Just the bit that goes W-I-L-D WILDCATS COME ON COME ON, during a very short face off break, maybe? :)

Of course, personally I want the full on Gabriella and Troy duet segment so I can serenade Sitko as he prepares for an important shootout or something lol (not that he'd probably be taking the shootout seeing as he's a D man, but why ruin a perfectly good daydream with reality? :D)

Monday, October 06, 2008

McIver scores the winning goal in O/T....

... so that means we're 7 for 0, right???

ah - no - he's a Duck!!! I tell you, you blink around here and everything changes!

We put Nate on the waiver wire on Saturday, Anaheim picked him straight up and he flicked one past Luongo on Sunday to ruin our perfect pre-season record.

B-Mo scored on us too.

Hey, at least we were beat by Canucks :) We must be training 'em up right :)

Funny thing is McIver reckons he never once got one past Luongo in shootout drills - talk about pulling it out of the hat!

To be honest, I'm almost glad we're not going to start the season with a perfect pre-season record. Over confidence can be just as damaging as lack of confidence. And it's not as if it was a total drubbing.

In other news - check out Lu rocking the C on his mask - class!!!

Can't wait for Thursday - REAL CANUCKS HOCKEY!!! WHOOOOOT!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Five 3rd October 2008

I'm sure that somebody somewhere asked me recently if the Friday Five is a hockey thing?

The answer is that the one I do nowadays does indeed come from the fab hlog blog (Hockey's Ladies of Greatness) - a really cool site by and for female fans of the most-beautiful-game-on-earth. It's based over the water, hence the dodgy American spellings :)

But I did used to do a non denominational one too, which unfortunately disappeared off the internet a few months ago, like things do, without so much as a bye bye

Even the hockey one though, isn't usually all about hockey. In fact this week it isn't about hockey at all :)

1.) What is your favorite gemstone/jewelery type?

Gemstone, lapis lazuli maybe, because it is such a beautiful intense blue. Jewellery type, probably chain maille, in copper. But I like all sorts of jewellery really - anything that's interesting and not too blingy.

2.) Do you like camping?

Despite Bestival, yes, I do :) In fact, at Besti the only time I was happy was inside the tent. It was all the mud OUTSIDE the tent I wasn't too happy with! But yes, in reasonable conditions, I enjoy camping.

3.) Can you see the surface of your desk?

Not when I'm in the thick of working, usually, no. But I do make a token effort to pile things up and clear a bit of space at the end of the day.

4.) Do you have a plant?

I'm the opposite of green fingered - death to all house plants - so in the interests of cruelty prevention, no, I don't keep any plants in the house. The weeds in my drive are absolutely thriving, though.

5.) What is your favorite fall treat?

The hockey season starting, of course :) the biggest treat of the year!

Getting alternately excited and depressed about the weekend


But - sob - I was supposed to BE there :( :( :(

I hope the nice Canadian chappie and equally nice German girl who between them bought my five tickets for the Stockholm Pens/Sens game have a really good time.

Sob :(

So I have been cheering myself up with this:

Max Talbot is soooooooooooo funny!!!

Thank the lords above that those boys can play hockey because (Maxime potentially aside) they sure don't have the skillz in the acting department :)

So, who are you rooting for this weekend? For me it's the Pens in Stockholm, and, purely for Naslund (and the fact that Hollweg was in New York when he did his funny little dance that still makes me chuckle), the Rangers in Prague.

God, I wish I hadn't sold those tickets :( :( :(

I mean, who needs a car???? I could have walked the 50 mile round trip to work every day. Sigh.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Five for Oh, baybeeeeeeee!

Oh if only this was the regular season, what a start!!

(and Anam would have lost our bet already :))

A 3 point night for Kes in a confidence pumping 6-1 victory when Calgary came to GM Place last night

5 games into the pre-season and still unbeaten

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!!! :) :) :)

How smug does my boy look rockin’ that A? eh?


(no Bert on the Flames roster last night, we’ve still got the spectacle of OUR Todd turning up at GM in THEIR jersey to come……)

And yes, we'd ALL like the regular season to start already!!

(edited to add - 6 for 0 now! eeek! Am getting worried now we might use up all our luck!!!)