Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Twitter experiment

As a way to keep people up to date who couldn't make it to the rink, and also just to see if I could, I thought I would live Twitter the Wildcats v Telford game last night

Never again :)

Unless I can learn how to text without looking at the phone, anyway.

I missed too much of the game by taking my eyes off it to text about it.

I even missed a goal - grrr. Forsyth turned the puck over in the neutral zone and gave Telford a clear breakaway, nobody was anywhere near the Tiger but Sitko zoomed up there like a man posessed, dived half way across the width of the ice and poked it out just in time.

So I leapt on my phone to tweet about Sitko's sweeeet defending, and before I'd got to the 2nd or 3rd word everyone's cheering, because that puck had gone straight down the ice while I wasn't paying attention, Joel had found it and popped it in. Pah. They should check I'm looking before they take a shot :)

I also was so rattled trying to watch and text at the same time that I apparently was under the impression that the game had four periods LOL. I haven't corrected them below - but when I mention the 2nd period I meant the 1st and when I mention the 3rd period I meant the 2nd. (hence us managing to score 2 more goals after the end of the 3rd period) DOH!

Anyway - here are the results of my experiment (and if I ever do it again I will only text in the period breaks) :
  • Out come the lads. Both watt bros icing by the look of things. So that doesnt clear anything up.

  • And again. Ryan w got the loudest cheer . Hope the p t b are listening.

  • Lee r is on fire! Less than 3 mins in and about 3 or 4 shots already and now a goal. Yes! Assist sitko

  • Beautiful end to end from sitko! Scrum at the goal to stop him. Got us a powerplay

  • Goal! Looked like we were going to concede after a scary telford breakaway. But 24 saved the day and on the way back 23 scored :)

  • Last few mins of 2nd we have lost momentum. Forsyth seems a bit rattled and we have lost dominance a little. Eop score 2 0 us

  • Dont know why they bothered to dress ryan w. He didnt play a single shift :( guess that is that then :(

  • And lots of other rumours flying around too. Including a brand new one. All very odd.

  • Less than a minute into the 3rd and we are 3 0 :) sitko from nicky watt. Wish i could enjoy this game properly

  • Ryan w on the ice :) huge cheer :)

  • When kudrna is on form he is godlike :)

  • End of 3rd period. 3 0 cats. Watt the younger iced twice. Both brothers smiling. Even nicky :) no idea what is going on. Good game tho :)

  • And its four ! Aaron nell from stringer aka the torch

  • Johnny 5 is alive :) long from hayes. And nicky watt just had a short but successful scrap

  • And its a shutout :) great game! Very proud of my boys :) no idea who mom was asked pete r he didnt know either :)

For the record, MOM was Kudrna. Couldn't have been anyone else really. Never seen an EPL goalie get that far into the zone. He could have stopped anything last night.

And it was his turn to do autographs too - never seen a signing queue like it, because we all wanted to tell him he's a genius :) And commiserate with poor Oli that he is never going to get any ice time at this rate!

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