Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday Five - bit late again

1.) Are you sick of election time yet?
Luckily being in the UK we're not quite as engulfed in the US election as I expect you guys are over there. We still get plenty of coverage - and I find it quite interesting - but not so much as to be tedious.

2.) What color Post-It notes do you prefer?
Classic yellow for me - the bigger the better, as I use them mainly for cutting out masks for stamping and stencilling

3.) Do you use coasters?
Nah :) My table is already covered in paint and glue - the odd mug ring isn't going to matter

4.) Are you a better presenter or paper writer?
Paper writer definitely. When I present out loud I am all umms and errrs, it's painful to watch

5.) Do you buy CDs any more?
Very rarely. I'll be buying the new John Frusciante CD though fo sho

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