Thursday, October 09, 2008

This appears to be my 600th post

Is "blog candy" traditional? I think it is. OK, please feel free to comment on this or any other recent post. I'll choose someone at random from anyone who comments on anything at all over the next 2 days, and send a little goodie bag of nice things :)

It's always cool to get a handle on who out there is actually paying attention.... :)

Anyway - here's a badly photographed CJ entry.

The theme for this journal is "the story behind your tattoo", so I've homed in on my most recent one (my backpiece of the mother and baby orcas) and explained what it means to me.

Rather than being a double page spread this one has the "why orcas?" page on top, which then lifts up to reveal the page with the tags. So, no, I don't have the binding holes on the wrong sides :P

I went a bit crazy with my new sewing machine on this, just because I could :) So the big orca on the first page is a little "quilt", complete with wadding. I stamped my beautiful Michelle Ward original onto denim, and then painted over the top with Lumiere paint. Then I machine sewed BADLY around it a few times.

The smaller orca is the same stamp on clear shrink plastic with gold ink. I punched the holes before shrinking and hand sewed it to the page.

Oh and the background is three colours of Ranger pearlescent acrylics scraped onto cheap watercolour paper using an old credit card.

On the second page there is a naaaasty photo of my flabby back. I would have preferred not to expose my extreme chub to the world but I can hardly do a CJ entry on my backpiece without a photo of my back! :)

The tags explain what the tattoo means to me - freedom, motherhood, Canada and the most beautiful sport on god's earth.

The little tiny acrylic picture frame (1" square) holds a photo of the tat in progress:

And I made the embellishment below by embossing a thin sheet of copper over an Orca pendant I bought when I was in Vancouver (and highlighted it with acrylic paint and alcohol ink)

So, hopefully, now everyone knows - that's why orcas! :)


michelle ward said...

sarah - what terrific ways to show the story of your tat. the photos, fabric, embossing and the shrink plastic - my favorite! 600 posts? congrats girl!! i just announced my 300th - i guess i've been a slacker. *

Sarah said...

Fab page:) - I love the shrink plastic - actually I love everything about it:)

Sarah xx

Sid said...

Really unusual, but meaningful idea. Great work and love the tat !

Anonymous said...

Hope you dont mind me gushing(in a good way of course) but when blog hopping I always find you CJ work the most original and impressive, and this page is no exception - love the colours,the LO and your thought pocess....excellent work.

Anonymous said...

I've only got one word for you - WOW!!!!!!!

Hazel said...

You already know I love the outer part of the page :D but the inside bit is stunning, too. I love to read journalling from the heart, and this is presented so gorgeously, too. Brilliant work, and well done on your 600th post, too.

Kim Mailhot said...

These Orca pieces are wonderful, Sarah ! Good to see you making perfect use of Michelle's great gift to you ! I could see those "quilted" type pieces on a jacket of some kind... buy the jacket, add the art ?

Congrats on 600 !!! Wow, that is a lot of posts ! A lot of great posts !
Cheers, Girl !

Morti said...

Wow - shock! not what I expected to see at all - but I'm really impressed and I'd love to see a decent shot of the tat, too (ha ha pun pun!!!!)

Well done on getting to the 600th post mark too!

Lorraine said...

congrats on 600 posts..will have to check mine as I dont keep count!! Love all the textures and the story behind your tattoo..I still cringe a bit when I look at your back as it must have been very painful. Love the pic in the acrylic frame and the copper orca.

Zuzu's Blog said...

i love the very "mixed media" feel about this and the great range of tones and colour.. and thank you for the explination :-).. well done x

Chicken Licken said...

Oooo Sarah that is FAB! I really love the journalling....but then I always was nosey! does that make you officially chatty?!

Hazel said...

An unusual CJ beautifully done