Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Five 3rd October 2008

I'm sure that somebody somewhere asked me recently if the Friday Five is a hockey thing?

The answer is that the one I do nowadays does indeed come from the fab hlog blog (Hockey's Ladies of Greatness) - a really cool site by and for female fans of the most-beautiful-game-on-earth. It's based over the water, hence the dodgy American spellings :)

But I did used to do a non denominational one too, which unfortunately disappeared off the internet a few months ago, like things do, without so much as a bye bye

Even the hockey one though, isn't usually all about hockey. In fact this week it isn't about hockey at all :)

1.) What is your favorite gemstone/jewelery type?

Gemstone, lapis lazuli maybe, because it is such a beautiful intense blue. Jewellery type, probably chain maille, in copper. But I like all sorts of jewellery really - anything that's interesting and not too blingy.

2.) Do you like camping?

Despite Bestival, yes, I do :) In fact, at Besti the only time I was happy was inside the tent. It was all the mud OUTSIDE the tent I wasn't too happy with! But yes, in reasonable conditions, I enjoy camping.

3.) Can you see the surface of your desk?

Not when I'm in the thick of working, usually, no. But I do make a token effort to pile things up and clear a bit of space at the end of the day.

4.) Do you have a plant?

I'm the opposite of green fingered - death to all house plants - so in the interests of cruelty prevention, no, I don't keep any plants in the house. The weeds in my drive are absolutely thriving, though.

5.) What is your favorite fall treat?

The hockey season starting, of course :) the biggest treat of the year!


Kim Mailhot said...

Lapis is so beautiful ! The gem stone of the Egyptian Pharoahs too (random information ! sorry ! ;-))

Love the Friday Fiver from you lovely hlog blog girls !
Have a great one !

Lorraine said...

I love lapiz as well. You were asking about the size of my felted gonks they are about 2-3 inches and fit in your hand. Unfortunately my 5yr old has been upset as he cant find the one with the sunglasses so his brothers let him have the other 2 to cuddle!!