Monday, October 06, 2008

McIver scores the winning goal in O/T....

... so that means we're 7 for 0, right???

ah - no - he's a Duck!!! I tell you, you blink around here and everything changes!

We put Nate on the waiver wire on Saturday, Anaheim picked him straight up and he flicked one past Luongo on Sunday to ruin our perfect pre-season record.

B-Mo scored on us too.

Hey, at least we were beat by Canucks :) We must be training 'em up right :)

Funny thing is McIver reckons he never once got one past Luongo in shootout drills - talk about pulling it out of the hat!

To be honest, I'm almost glad we're not going to start the season with a perfect pre-season record. Over confidence can be just as damaging as lack of confidence. And it's not as if it was a total drubbing.

In other news - check out Lu rocking the C on his mask - class!!!

Can't wait for Thursday - REAL CANUCKS HOCKEY!!! WHOOOOOT!!!!

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