Monday, February 28, 2011

What a productive day!

I have to say, I wish that Connor's school would have teacher training days more often :)

I've had a lovely day off work, chilling with Connor and making tons of stuff.

  • the CJ entry I blogged earlier
  • three ATCs (pic of one above, they're all the same) for a swap on UKStampers (theme "In The Woods")
  • A "wish you weren't leaving but good luck anyway" card for my boss (forgot to take a pic of that)
  • A background page in my art journal: 

And I'm still at it, I'm partway through cutting a stencil which will be used at some point over that background.

I do love being productive!  The only problem is that once I'm on a "making stuff" roll, I find it hard to stop.  I have to get up for work in the morning, mind, so I need to make sure I drag myself away from the art supplies and up to bed by midnight....

If anyone spots me still up at 12:01, tell me off!

**edited to add - ok, so now it's just after half past midnight....slapped wrists.....but I promise I'm off to bed now....I just had to share my accidental "self portrait in glitter":

Bling bling!!!! :D

No idea what I'm going to do with it, it's just on a scrap piece of paper....but you see I finished cutting the stencil, and then sprayed it on the back with repo adhesive, so it will be dry tomorrow when I want to use it in my journal...

But of course the glue went through the holes in the stencil and left a gluey version of me on the scrap paper.

Well, I couldn't waste it, could I, so I dumped a pot of glitter over it lol

I like it! I'm all sparkly! :)

I really am off to bed now, or I'll never get up for work in the morning - night night.


Sid said...

Lovely creations Flo !!

Marit said...

Oh wow, so you cut the stencil yourself? I should try that - cut my self portrait I mean - I totally love the effect! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

Please share a how-to on how to make a self-portrait stencil - I love yours!


TJ said...

Oh I love this bling-a-ling!! And I love stencils. This inspires me to dig out my melty tool thing and the plastic substrate...

Loving your site, I know I've been here before, I have no idea why you're not in my google reader. I'm subscribing now...

Best wishes from Germany, tj

Michelle S said...

U look gr8 all sparkly! lol