Monday, February 14, 2011

The devil is in (stressing about) the details

On the day before a holiday, I always end up in full on "what might go wrong?" stresshead mode.

I am a bit of an obsessive researcher/planner when it comes to trips away, and even with all that work done upfront, I still worry about the details and all the little things that might still go wrong despite all my best efforts to plan for all eventualities.

I don't know why I do worry so much, as when things DO go tits up - like when we went to Florida and my handbag was stolen, containing all our park tickets, lots of our spending money and our passports - we cope perfectly well and still manage to have a great time :)  I just like to think through all the possible disasters so that I can come up with contingency plans, I think.

So, anyway, that's where this art journal page came from....

The background is fluid acrylics in various red and purple tones, with some glimmer mist thrown in for good measure, with various of the detailed worries that are currently spinning round my head scribbled down with a white pen (the idea was to get them out of my head and onto paper so I can chill, and it has worked fairly well :) )

The devil heads at the bottom of the page are pigment ink through a mask, outlined with a black pen, sitting on little vellum podiums.  Cute aren't they :)

And the title was stamped, but it didn't really show up all that well so I went back over it with yellow and black paint pens.

That's it from me now for a week or so as we won't have internet access while we're away.

But I'll still be Art Journalling Every Day :)

AJED : 45 / 365


VickiA said...

I am the complete opposite. It gets to a point where I just think "it's done, it's set in motion" from that moment on I wing it. That or we plan our trip.....ermmm, on the plane! LOL

Have a fabby time!

Nicole Maki said...

This is ridiculously good!

I'm the same way. We leave on Thursday for our trip and I'm STRESSED. We've never done such a long trip and I have a half marathon on day three... so much to plan for.

You're right though, even when things go horribly wrong, it usually works out in the end.

Sorry about your bag, tickets and passports - that must have been rough.