Sunday, February 13, 2011

You might need sunglasses on for this one!

All my pages over the past few days seem to have been blue-based, so I pulled out the yellows and oranges for a change... then I used a "tie dye" stencil (that I first saw used here on Paula's fab blog) over the top. 

I only really had one way to go from there, and as I'd been humming songs from Hair all week for various reasons, I got to thinking that maybe the hippies from back in the day would be a bit disappointed with how the much lauded Age of Aquarius is panning out.....harmony and understanding? sympathy and trust abounding?  nah, not so much.  Just lots of fake wars, recessions, and lying politicians. 

Ah well, maybe the Aquarian Age just hasn't kicked in properly yet, it's 2,150 years long after all, maybe it just needs to ramp itself up to full strength - we can live in hope, eh? :)

AJED : 44/365


Shelley Malone said...

Sarah, I love the depth and layers in your pages. And I also LOVE that you talk about random stuff in your art journal. This page is bright but I'm sure you know I'm like a magpie-wildly attracted to such fun bright colours!

Thanks for visiting my blog today - I'm so glad you left a link so I could come and see your gorgeous pages!

Hannah said...

OK, please please can you do a post on how you create these fantastic pages? I think I have it cracked and then you do something that throws me. A step by step guide for people like me who should perhaps know better!