Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stop! this is the Empire of Death!

Another quick page tonight, just to showcase one of the many photos I took last week in the Paris catacombs.

It was quite the experience, walking miles through tunnels deep beneath the city, lined with the remains of over 7 million.

It was a sharp reminder that our time on Earth is short.

More photos of the Catacombs, and the rest of our Parisian adventure, are on Facebook here.

AJED : 53 / 365


Anonymous said...

great LO....would love to visit the catacombs.

HannahBanana said...

This is an amazing page, what a great photograph. It must have been an awe inspiring experience. Love the text and the stars down the sides of the pages too.

Elena and Russ said...

I love your journals, they tell the story, it feels like i'm there with you.

Thank for stopping at my blog, and for all kind comments.