Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Counting down to La France!

I had grand intentions of doing step by step photos as this journal page came together, but I ended up enjoying the making of it so much that I forgot to slow down and take photos, doh!

So all I have is this first one, just after I glued down a load of little squares and rectangles cut from watercolour paper, and stamped a few black squares on top.

 It changed a bit by the time it was done :)

There are lots of layers of paint on the finished article - bronze, copper, a couple of shades of turquoise and a lovely lime green - and some more stamping in between the layers.

You can see the shine of the metallic paints better in this closeup:

The spread - which of course is about how darned excited I am that we're off to Paris in just one week - was finished off with an Eiffel Tower image from a napkin (thanks Tesco!), my Paris themed masking tape, and some writing (dip pen and India Ink).

Oh - and in homage to Portlandia - of course I had to put a bird on it!

In fact I stencilled LOADS of birds on it :)

AJED : 39 / 365


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Scrapping4fun said...

Gorgeous Paris pages, hope you have a lovely time.

P.J. said...

Awesome. France is on my "want to travel to" list. The pages are excellent. :)

Jennifer Stumpf said...

this is fantastic. :-)