Friday, February 04, 2011

Quickie blog post - Paris pages all prepped and UKStampers Random Swap

This really is going to be a quickie as I'm dead on my feet after a long and stressy day, but I've had a productive evening and have some bits to share

First of all, I've still been journalling every day, and I have now finished all three of my background pages in the trip journal I'll be taking to Paris in the couple of weeks.

Here they all are together (the middle page has photographed badly but I'm too tired to go take the picture again!)

You've already seen the Eiffel Tower one:

 Next the Arc de Triomphe in blues and greens:

And last but certainly not least, the Disneyland Paris page in pinks and purples (what, you thought we were only going for the culture?? lol no way! we want to see Mickey!)

Close up of the castle because I'm actually silly proud that I drew it all by myself:

So -  the plan is to take this book with me to Paris with a fairly minimal kit (a couple of nice journalling pens, a glue stick, a stapler, some wicked cool Japanese masking tape --------> , a charcoal pencil, a date stamp and small ink pad, a small pair of scissors, and that's about it)

I intend to write briefly about the sights we see, glue staple or tape in efemera from our trip (entrance tickets etc, imagery from postcards or leaflets), maybe attempt a few little sketches or doodles of things we come across while we are there.

(and *STOP PRESS* I’ve just ordered a Polaroid Pogo instant sticker printer from ebay – fingers crossed it arrives on time to take along with us – if it does I’ll be able to include photos in the journal too, fab!)

Can't wait!

And the other thing I wanted to blog is the UKStampers "random swap", as I finished my piece for this this evening also.

The premise of the swap is that you are sent 5 random items by your swapee, and have to make something using all 5 items and not too much else.

Efemera was my swap partner, and she sent me this little lot:

  • a cardboard circle (like what is left in the middle of a roll of sellotape when all the tape is used up)
  • some twill ribbon
  • a plastic flower
  • a copper something-or-other
  • and a cool button
And this is what I made!

Well, the button looked too much like an alien for me not to run with that, the cardboard thing made a brilliant frame, the flower was cut up and coloured with a copper Krylon pen then used to decorate the frame, the copper sheet was cut into stars and the twill tape runs round the outside of the frame with the message "The Truth Is Out There" on it.

This swap was mucho mucho fun, Hopefully they will do another one day.

Until then, time for me to hit the hay.  Night night!

AJED : 34/365


P.J. said...

I would really like to learn to journal how you do. It must require some serious patience. Excellent stuff though. I love seeing what you've done!

Anonymous said...

the journal pages are gorgeous but I really do love that disney castle what a beautiful ethereal effect youve created.
When I saw what Effie had sent,I thought what the heck can you make out of that lol but youve done an amazingly creative job - totally love it!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Your journal pages are totally fantastic. I love your drawings! I could never do that (unless I traced it- ha ha!). And the alien is super fabulous~!

Alison said...

Thought you couldn't draw? Ahem, you can!

Those sticker makers are ace! I love them. Can't wait to see what you make after Paris, and during, beautiful work!