About Me

“About Me” – it looks so self centred, doesn’t it – “Me! Me! It’s all about ME!

But, let’s face it, blogs are just one big vanity page anyway. So I might as well go the whole hog and assume that, as you are here, you are interested in what I have to say, and by extension that you are interested in ME! :)

So – who am I?

Name: I’m Sarah – how do you do?

Here I am - hint: I'm the female one:

Age: Older than I like to admit, but young enough to do pretty much anything I want to do

Family: One fab boyfriend, three ace sons, one equally ace stepson, an adopted cat, three giant African land snails, and a pygmy African hedgehog

Location: Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Day Job: Professional number cruncher

What I do in my spare time: Geocaching, watching ice hockey (Go Canucks Go! Let’s go Wildcats!), making stuff (paper crafts, jewellery, textiles), Postcrossing, listening to / watching music (mainly rock, grunge, punk)

Blogging since: May 2006 (but I deleted the 400-odd entries before Jan 2008 in a fit of pique, so that’s as far back as you’ll be able to read, apologies)

Ambitions: To visit every NHL Arena in North America; to find a geocache in every UK county, and every Canadian province; to see my sons achieving their own definitions of success and happiness

Why "Are You Flowin'?": Because 'Flo' is a nickname of mine, and because I loooooove Tenacious D :)

I love to hear from people who enjoy my blog, so please feel free to comment on one of my posts, email me directly, or come and track me down on Facebook or one of the forums I hang out on (links to your left <-----)