Thursday, July 14, 2011

RIP #2

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the Sonisphere rock festival down at Knebworth.

It was utterly brilliant and I wish it was still going and I was still there! 

Eventually I'll pull a page together in my day trip & holiday journal to document the whole weekend.....but before that, I had a real need, no other word for it, to get down on paper the emotions stirred up in me by the tributes at the festival to Paul Gray, Slipknot's recently departed bassist.

There was a 2 minute silence held during the day:

This was so unbelievably moving - seeing his mask and suit up there on the stage, empty :(  And the silence was utterly perfect across the entire site, which was some feat given the huge quantity of people in attendance!

I couldn't help but cry.

And then there were further tributes at the end of Slipknot's set that evening, which set the floods going again.

Even now thinking about it, or watching that video above, I can feel my eyes welling up.

Things like this really get to me.  I hope he is sleeping peacefully.

AJED : 86 / 365


TJ said...

Oh sweetie! That was an impressive show of love with so many people... quietly holding their devil horn hand gestures (not to mention the "RIP dimebag" sign!)

I don't think you'd see pop fans behave so properly! It sort of renews my faith in the human race. Glad you had fun!! Hugs from germany, tj

Sid said...

Fantastic colour depth on your journal page Flo !!

Anonymous said...

Sarah - love the page and your need to capture that moment. Love that you were there. Love that they gave two minutes for No. 2. We are maggots, and miss him. What a powerful thing, that suit there....xoxo

Carmen Wing said...

I'm tearing up sitting here watching that video - can't imagine what the atmosphere would have been like that.

Gorgeous pages to record the moment.

Carmen Wing said...

BTW - is this THE eye? It's fabulous!

Tessa said...

A beautiful, but as page... amazing!

xx Tessa

Lorraine said...

what a marvellous page and I love that stencil graffiti one are so good with those stencils