Monday, October 13, 2008


So - we had a bit of a chippy game at the Link last night!

Penalty minutes: SWI 118, WIG 129


But in between all the fisticuffs we managed to pop 8 - yes 8 - pucks in the net :)

Wightlink managed 2

Result! :)

What happened to the Wildcats of old who go one ahead in the first, then collapse in the second, and struggle back to a one goal lead in the third if they're lucky?

What happened to the Canucks who can't score or come back from behind?

Whoever woke up my teams over the summer - THANK YOU!!

Oh - and those 8 goals? Joel didn't have a hand in any of them - so we're not goalless when we're Joelless, oh no. Poor bloke only lasted about 5 mins then then took a stick to the face and had to go to hospital for stitches. Ouch.

But to prove he was there:

I took my posh camera along for a change and am glad I did as I am pleased with how the pics turned out.

The full set is here

But here's a gratuitous shot of Sitko:

Sing song part 1 - let's all do the conga:

and part 2 - they'll be comin' round the mountain:

And Connor and his heeeeeeeero:

I was going to write more about the game, but it's already been discussed to death on THF anyway, and, well, it can be summarised pretty succinctly: "naughty Gareth, WTG Jamie, that wasn't boarding, lots of goals whoot, Ryan is entertaining, we won"

My new career as a sports journalist is beckoning, huh?

Footage of all the major fights, not for the fainthearted!:

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forcryeye said...

You and your hockey boys. Love the pics! xoxo