Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Friday Five - 2nd January 2009

ooops! I'm a little late!

1.) Did you watch the Outdoor Game?

Oh yes :) Wouldn't miss the Winter Classic for one meeellion dollarssss. It wasn't QUITE as magical as last year's because there was no snow, or Dany Sabs looking adorable, but it was a cracking good game. And I'm still giggling about the anthems :D

2.) Do you have any New Year's traditions?

Not really, unless staying in sulking because I can't get a babysitter counts as a tradition.

3.) What sport have you always wanted to try but never gotten around to?

I'm much more of a watcher of sport than a participant, although I love swimming. I would LOVE to learn to skate, have only tried it once and I was awful, couldn't even let go of the sides.

4.) Which sports website do you visit the most?

THF by a country mile, but I also pay daily visits to the Wildcats forum and CDC, and I read a ton of hockey blogs

5.) If you could get any tech gadget, what would you get?

Good question. Something small and portable that would let me painlessly (and preferably for free) surf, and contribute to, the internet whilst out and about, I think. Like an iphone or something.

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