Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old Skool!

I think I've actually finished this month's fabric CJ entry - for RainbowJoy - ahead of the due date - whoot!!!

I am still on my embroidery kick, can you tell? :D I really need to do something a little different next month, maybe felting....

Anyway - back to this month. The other CJ I am currently in is tattoo themed, and clearly the tattoo vibe has cross pollenated over to the fabric CJ this month.

I have always loved the old school "Sailor Jerry" style of bold, iconic tattoo designs, not that I have any like that me'self. But I love them on other people - swallows, nautical stars, pin up girls and of course the classic sacred heart.

So - I sketched a sacred heart with scroll onto linen, and embroidered over the top with black thread for the outline, and various different variegated threads for the colour.

The "MUM" is black satin cord couched onto the top of the scroll with black cotton.

The "old school" is hand drawn onto cream hockey tape

And I got the lovely fabric from good old ebay

I made a bit of a mess of the binding, which is a pain, (it's not as wonky at the top right corner as the photo makes it look, though) - but I'm still a novice at this quilting thang. I'll get the hang of it eventually.


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Hazel said...

I can see why you keep embroidering- you have a real talent for it, and the patience necessary to finish a piece. This one looks brilliant.

Lorraine said...

I like this with all the have some patience!!