Monday, January 19, 2009

it's not quite Big In Japan...

.... more like 5 minutes of fame in Taiwan.... but hey, I'll take it :D

My mate Anam over in Oil Country was approached at the tail end of last year by a tattoo magazine from Taiwan called 'Tattoo Extreme', as they wanted to run a piece on her tattoo-related scrapbooking.

They were clearly impressed by what she sent them as the result was a 7 page article (should have been 8 pages but one got missed off in a printing error, apparently)

You can see the full article here

And at the top of page 7 (see above), if you look very carefully, you'll find me :)

Three of the bits on that page are mine, and there are also contributions from my Tattoo CJ pals Lori and Willow, and the lovely Rhomany too.

Great fun - thanks for including me in your project, Anam x


GlitteryKatie said...

White socks and whistles!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Flo!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Didn't realise you're were on the same page as mine.