Monday, March 01, 2010

I have a new vice....., not that sort! I'm pure, simple and innocent, me ;)

a proper tool type thing

isn't she a beauty?

I wanted one of these thingies purely so I could try my hand at rivetting jewellery....but they were £25 in Homebase and that's a bit much for something I probably wouldn't use all that often...

so I tried my luck with a WANTED ad on Freecycle and a lovely lady from Wanborough replied almost immediately to say that the previous owners of her house had left a really old vice in the shed, and as she had no use for it I was welcome to pop by and pick it up...

so I did! I love how it's all old and has such character....loads better than if I'd bought a new one, plus it was freeeee - I love Freecycle!

So - anyway - I used it tonight to make my first piece of rivetted jewellery...what do you reckon?

It's burnt copper on aluminium, and the rivets are sterling silver, which is probably a bit extravagant for a practice piece, but I only used a tiny bit, and I didn't have any other wire that fitted the holes :)

The rivets look passable from the front, but the first two I did are a right royal mess around the back of the pendant, good job this one is for me so nobody has to see the back :) I'd got the hang of it by the third and fourth ones though.

I stamped the pendant with a hug ("O") and a kiss ("X") for each of my three sons, inspired by my pal Michelle, who has a real thing for the XOXOXOXOs.

And yes, I know that two of them are way too old for hugs and kisses from mum, but tough :)

The letters are all over the place, maybe I should have used some sort of guide line or a ruler....oh well, I'll learn for next time....and in the meantime I shall pretend they are all out of line on purpose, to "inject a sense of whimsy" lol


alison said...

me love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle S said...

Love it!!! - it's cool

Effie said...

A fabulous piece of riveting!... great photos too!

michelle ward said...

gah! this is gorgeous sarah! love the symbolism with the XOs AND that you used THREE jump rings at the top. THAT is a clever detail. xoxoxo

Sarah said...

I think perhaps that was an accidental bit of cleverness, but I'm going to pretend it was deliberate from now on :D