Monday, July 26, 2010

a Postcrossing update.... vol. 2

This is the second of my Postcrossing books.

In total I’ve now sent 52 postcards out into the wide wide world, and have received 46

Here’s my sent and received map so far:

It’s so much fun to see where my little friendly messages have gone, and where my own equally lovely missives originated. Both Connor and I get so excited when we get home in the evening to find a new postcard sitting on the mat. My postman must think I am everso popular! :)

My favourite received cards since my last update (click to see them better):

You can see this one at the front of the book above – it’s a vintage oversized card showing B&W scenes of old (pre the fall of the wall) East Berlin – fascinating!

This card from China is just beautiful – it had gorgeous stamps too

This Postcrosser from the Netherlands tried hard to find an ice hockey card for me, but this fab image is close enough :)

This image made me smile :)

This German card was totally handmade – very cute!

This graffiti card is huge! And depicts some of the graffiti on the Berlin Wall c 1988 (since demolished). Tying in neatly with that first card I mentioned.

And finally, this card form the Czech Republic features the artwork of Alfons Mucha – which I like very much

Until next time, Happy Postcrossing!


Tracey said...

i started post crossing today!! sent my first 5.. so excited..

Erika Jean said...

Great collection! The graffiti card looks awesome!