Monday, March 18, 2013

Mail comes in.....mail goes out.....

.... and thus is the balance of the world restored :)

First of all - mail came in

You might remember, a few months ago, my Rock CJ came home - the one with all the little record sleeve makeovers.

When I blogged it back then, I had a couple of spare record sleeves left over, and asked if anyone out in blogland fancied doing me a favour and completing my CJ for me.  And Donna and Bex (fellow Collabor-ARTists both) were kind enough to volunteer.

And here are the fantastic results!

Donna chose Kraftwerk's The Model for her makeover:

And Bex went with Faith no More's brilliant Angel Dust, one of my favourite albums of all time - love the screaming Mike P on the front :)

I LOVE them both, thank you ladies!!

And then some mail art went out

The first one, coincidentally, was for Donna - yes that Donna up there :)

I happen to know that her mis-spent youth was very similar to my own, and that she shares a love both for the punk rock sensibility, and for those crazy old anarcho-space-rockers Hawkwind.  So I chose the most punk rock song Hawkwind ever wrote as the basis for my mail art offering.

First of all I got my Banksy on with some spray paint and a hand cut stencil:

And this is the end result:

I realised once it was finished that the song lyrics I included on the card ("I'm an urban guerrilla, I make bombs in my cellar"....etc....) could possibly be taken the wrong way lol

So I wrote a little note on the back to the postman assuring him that it was just a song and there really was no need to alert the authorities ;)

And it must have worked as the postcard arrived at Donna's safe and sound the next day

The eye in the pyramid on the back is another logo used by Hawkwind along the way, and was drawn using Posca paint pens

And the faux postage stamp is one from this sheet, still going strong

Next up, a postcard for my good friend Virginia

It started off like this (gelli-plate background onto corrugated cardboard - I love the how the texture shows through - and drawings on top with Posca paint pens) - can you tell what it is yet?? :D

How about now?

Yes, it's a zombie bunny - or will be when it's finished.  This subject matter is a bit of an in joke for Virginia harking back to a previous conversation.  I hope she remembered the conversation as otherwise she probably thinks I'm a little peculiar right now! :)

And here he is all done and ready to pop in the post:

cute isn't he .... in an undead kinda way :)

(finished off with a combination of Fresco chalk paints and oil pastels - bunny adapted from a digital illustration by Patione)

Rock hands for the Queen of the Rockettes :)

Virginia expressed some surprise that the postcard had travelled through the mail unhindered given the Biohazard stamp - but that's nothing compared to Donna's bomb threats :D


SusieJ said...

Oh wow!! Love your cj and the mail art is fabulous!
Hugs xx

Lorraine said...

lovely post here and like your photos of the roller derby

Natasha said...

:) I was just thinking I had seen already what you did for Donna and then realised I saw it on Donna's blog. Interesting seeing how you made it and your inspiration.

Love the zombie bunny! And I adore your stamps. The biohazzard stamp is genius!

Virginia said...

Oh you've been mighty busy recently - the zombie bunny is fabulous!