Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Catch up time

I have really lost the knack for this whole blogging lark - as in I have no idea what to actually WRITE - but here are some pretty pictures of stuff wot I have been doing recently....

First of all, over there on the left, I'm pretty proud of this one.

It's a painting of Matthew the Raven (from the Sandman comics) - he took me months as he’s a big old fella (about 5 feet tall, see blurry pic of me below for scale) – and I thought I might never get him finished.  But I got there in the end – yay! - and I have proudly hung him at the top of the stairs.

Next up, a couple of circle journal pages:

This first one was for the Stay At Home CJ over on Collabor-Art – the theme was Mermaid Tales ….. you can see the whole gallery of everyone else’s entries here

And the second was for the Fabric CJ I’m a part of over at UKScrappers.  The theme, as you might have guessed, was cupcakes.  Very much not my usual style this one!  But I enjoyed the needle felting element, it’s always fun to get stabby!!


Virginia said...

Oh that's a fab post, the cupcake is fab. Strangely this blog posting didn't pop up on my blogger reading list which is odd, in fact it's not appearing when I check what's on your blog - but don't understand why, thankfully it appeared on your facebook profile so I found it, wonder how many other blog posts I've missed recently due to the same problem - mmmm

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Kyla said...

Loving the Raven painting, when I saw it on your wall post I had NO idea that you actually painted it :-)