Sunday, May 04, 2014

Catch up time

Just a few bits to catch up on this month, first up, here is my entry for the April installment of the Stay At Home CJ .....

The theme this month was "art in my heart", and this was the background we had to work on:

I went for the broken hearted angle on the theme, as I wanted to play with my lovely purple Bombay ink to make those lush drips :)

You can see the full gallery with everyone's interpretations of the theme over at Collabor-ART

Something else I've been having fun with over the last couple of weeks is making "missing" juice boxes for Free Art Friday style drops.  

These two:

were the first couple I made.  I really need to work on neatening up my lettering!  And the whole concept would probably work better with milk cartons than juice cartons - but I don't drink milk :/    Other than that I think they work :)

These were dropped at the St. Athans Boys Village in South Wales:

I hope whoever found them enjoyed them!

(for those of you who are interested, there are lots more photos of this amazing place in this Facebook album from piccie #141 onwards)


Carol said...

Awesome! (and I rarely use that word)

Virginia said...

oh I love the missing cartons Sarah and the collaborart piece is gorgeous!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh wow Sarah! I love those juice cartons! My mother-in-law gets the square milk cartons. Want me to get her to save you some?

I love that purple you used coming from your girls eyes as well. SO yum!