Saturday, August 28, 2010

RIP 20K (sob)

Disney CJ time...for the last time....yup, that's this one wrapped up. 

I can honestly say that hosting this CJ group has been an absolute pleasure, it has stayed on track throughout, everyone has communicated well, the standard of work has been great, and it's just been so EASY to host, which makes a change!! :)

This last book is my pal Michelle's and her theme is Vintage Disney.  The previous entrants had covered off all of the usual suspects, like the original Mickey, most of the older Disney movies etc.  So I decided to go off on a slightly different tangent with an aspect of olden days Disney that I personally miss loads and loads - the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ride that used to be in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

I managed to go on this brilliant ride twice before they shut it down in '94, and I'm grateful I had that chance, 'cos it was flipping awesome!

I've spent weeks on this layout, on and off, because it really has been a labour of love.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching this one and finding all the old photos, it's always fun to wallow in Disney nostalgia.

I had great fun making the squid and Capt. Nemo's submarine, and the bubbly sea background too, it's nice to make everything from scratch sometimes.

Well, not absolutely everything, the title is Thickers and the dates are rubons :)

The little mini book tells the story of the ride, and on the back (not pictured here), it shows it all shut down when the subs were just left to rust away, so sad :(

I wonder if it's too late to start a petition to bring it back???

We miss you, 20K xxx


Anonymous said...

I rather love that :)

Sid said...

What a fab entry, loving your fold-out history pieces too !