Monday, September 06, 2010

Q is for Quilt!

Yes, I know it’s actually R fortnight now, and yes, I know I haven’t even blogged O and P yet, let alone Q! (bad blogger) But I did start this CJ entry during Q fortnight, and therefore it seemed like a bright idea at the time to make a quilted all-fabric page. Three weeks later with sore fingers from all that sewing, I’m not so sure!

But anyway, it’s finished now, and I do rather like it (so much so in fact that I wish I could keep it, sob, I’ll have to put it on the list of things I’ll make for myself one day when I have some spare time, ie never!)

This is for the Take Ten CJ – where you may remember, the twist is that each participant provides ten “prompts” or inspirational jump off points, which travel around with the CJ and each person has to pick one of these prompts and produce a page inspired by the one they chose. My own book in this circle was the little envelope book with postage stamps as prompts.

But this is for Michelle’s book, and she has provided ten page sketches as her prompts, which is a really fun idea.

I enjoyed browsing through the sketches on offer – as I’m only the second person to work in this book there were still plenty to choose from – and in the end I went for this one (please excuse awful photo, I forgot to take a proper piccie of the sketch, this is just a snap I took on my phone to refer to while I was working on my entry)

The strips brought to mind ribbon, ric rac and trim, which worked perfectly with my art quilt idea, so it was a spot on sketch for me to use.

The actual theme of each layout is completely open, so I thought I’d do something to celebrate how much I have enjoyed the great outdoors with my family this summer, as we’ve been exploring the gorgeous British countryside on our geocaching quests.

Hopefully it gets that message across without a proper title or any journalling other than the words on the ribbons…

So, anyway, here is my interpretation of the sketch:

Everything on there was sewn by hand – much of it at Legoland :) (I got a few funny looks sat on a bench by the pirate log flume sewing all day while the kids ran around going on rides :D ).

I changed the large circle embellie bottom left to a satin stitched heart, and my focal photo is a little larger than in the sketch (to the point that it almost completely covers the strip of ricrac), but other than that, I followed it fairly faithfully.

It’s very touchy feely, and I used nice soft batting inside so it’s lovely and squishy :)

I really hope Michelle likes it as much as I do (if she doesn’t, I might ask for it back :D )


Lorraine said... the rest of it too only had a quick glimpse of it on the picture and the yellow bits

Michelle S said...

I dont like it Sarah! I LOVE IT!!! Its so cool... I didn't look at my other LO but Im not going to see this for another 9 months !!! Ur the best - I loves ya loads lol xoxoxoxoxo

Sid said...

Great it !!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely, smashing satin stitch