Monday, September 27, 2010

I wonder if this counts as my first commission?

...or do you need to get paid for it to count? :)

Well, either way, this was something a little different for me....

A friend of mine needed some props, at scarily short notice, for his best man's speech - apparently the groom has a reputation for getting himself lost, and so the brief was for me to make, for comedy effect:

1) a tracker / receiver - for the bride to find her husband

and 2) a tracking bug - to be inserted around the groom's person wherever the bride thought appropriate (to be produced along with a jar of vaseline to, hopefully, peals of laughter from the assembled wedding guests)

By the time I had gathered together all the bits and bobs I needed - including car aerials courtesy of my pal Grant in Salisbury, a small rugby ball, a broken pencil sharpener, silver and black spray paint, a set of tiny oars from one of Connor's bath toys, a roll of hockey tape and a flashing novelty ring - I had 2 days to get this done (well, 2 evenings, as they were days that I was at work).  Given the mad rush, I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

And apparently they went down a bomb at the wedding, and got the laugh as hoped, so I guess that's a success :)


Erika Jean said...

Lol, sounds like an interesting speech! You things did turn out well!!

Michelle S said...

Lol! looks fun x