Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Love is like a butterfly....

I've been scarily productive recently - here's yet another CJ entry.

The lyrics I've used on this one are from the theme tune of a TV programme I used to like when I was a kiddie - it was called Butterflies.  It was last broadcast almost 30 years ago, so I'm definitely showing my age with this one!

This is for the Take One Stamp circle, and here's the stamp I had to use:

I like the swirly heart, but wasn't sure what to do with the arrow.

But then I started thinking of "lovey dovey" type sayings and songs, as befits a heart stamp, and that song from "Butterflies" just popped into my head and refused to leave.  So a butterfly it was to be.....

Before I got to the main event, though, this is an envelope book, so there was an envelope to decorate:

Inside the envelope is this:

Which opens out to this:

Using the heart stamp for the butterfly wings posed a little bit of a problem.  The heart, with the arrow chopped off, isn't entirely symmetrical.  So 4 identical stamped images pointing in the same direction didn't look right for wings.

I solved this problem by stamping first onto a flat rubber block, and then using that block to stamp onto the card, thus creating a mirror image of the original stamp design.  I used this method for 2 of the 4 wings so that they looked right on either side of the butterfly's body.

His body is made from beads strung onto wire, which was sewn onto the canvas background.

This one's for Tasha, I hope that she likes it

Next month will bring my last entry in this circle, it's been a lot of fun...


Chicken Licken said...

OMG I LURVE it! And it's purple too which is my current bestest colour! I can't wait to get this back now! Thank you soooooo much. Yum yum!

Anonymous said...

My last one then :) don't worry Tasha, I will have to pull out all the stops to be half as good as Sarah's but I will try.

Beautiful purple, very us dood, love the use of the stamp.