Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Postcrossing....vol. 3

25 more (official) postcards have now arrived, plus a couple of fab private ones, so it's time to make another one of my Postcrossing books....

That's three volumes in just seven months of Postcrossing, I'll need a dedicated bookshelf for these things soon!

I've now sent postcards to 25 different countries:

<-- and received from a whopping 27 countries!

Countries I have received cards from recently for the first time are:
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Estonia, and
  • Brazil
Loads of firsts!!

My favourite cards received since my last update are:

How could I not love this one??? :D  <3 hockey, <3 Canada, <3 this card!!!!  This one was a private swap from fellow Canucks fan Carrie from Victoria Island in beautiful British Columbia.  She also sent me a Canucks memo pad to go on my fridge, because she's a lovely lovely lady :)

This card came from Germany - I wish all recycling bins looked like this one :) Genius!

This one came the same day as the one above - cool ostriches!  They came from Finland.

This card actually came from a British postcrosser, but she had purchased the card in Alberta, Canada.  And any card from Canada gets the tumbs up from me :)

Plus it has a gorgeous ammonite on it, and I like that kind of thing.

This card is so cool - I would LOVE to go to Alaska one day!

The really brilliant thing about this one, is that the lady who sent it to me, used the actual stamp pictured on the front of the card:

How much fun is this card from Germany??  The giraffes were some kind of art installation in Hannover, apparently....

Colourful chooks from Belgium...

This card from Lithuania was my favourite official card this month, it shows a traditional Lithuanian fishermen's graveyard, with wooden grave markers, fascinating stuff!  This is what Postcrossing is all about...

From Taiwan - this clever word art card from a young man who works in a modern art gallery. 

I love love love this almost abstract forest scene from China - I'd love to go geocaching there :)

And finally for this roundup - this amazing street art from Estonia!

As usual, this is just a small selection from all the great postcards I've been sent - click here to see the whole collection

You know what?  I absolutely love postcrossing!

How else would I get to learn so much and meet so many people from all around the world?  It's just hands down fab :)

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Hannah said...

I've not heard of Postcrossing before, so have just had a look..what an interesting concept. Am thinking of signing up Sophie, she'd love it!