Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay!!!!!! I've got my life back!!!!!

Hello poor neglected blog, sorry for going AWOL on you.....

I've got a good excuse though.  Work has been INSANE for the last fortnight, I've basically worked every waking hour (and many hours when I shouldn't have even BEEN awake) for the past two weeks, and all creative endeavours had to come to a complete stop.

There goes Art Journal Every Day :(  and my stencil tute (coming soon), my quilt square for skull-a-day (ditto), all CJs, all ATCs, all everything.

I have missed getting painty SO MUCH.  But then when I sat down at my messy table tonight, I just couldn't get going.  It seems that two weeks off = death of mojo :(

So what you have here is an ugly old page.  But I think it needed to get itself out of my system, like an exorcism.  I needed to get all of my frustration about work OUT onto paper.  And I do now feel much, much better.

So it might not be the prettiest page you've ever seen, but as cheap therapy, it did its job just fine :)

As for the flowers mentioned - here they are:

Bought for me by the big boss man to acknowledge that I've been having to put in hours waaaaay above and beyond the call of duty recently.

They are lovely, and I definitely do appreciate them, but I really hope that everyone knows that that level of stress and tiredness wouldn't be sustainable going forward, for all the flowers in the world!

So let's hope that things at work calm down significantly over the next few weeks, because I'm just frazzled.

AJED : 65 / 365


Michelle S said...

Glad ur back! Missed ya x
Hoping to catch up soon ... u must come and see our new addition

Marit said...

Oooohhh.. you had some really stressy weeks when I read this... glad it's over now (at least I hope so!!!) I love your page and yes, art journaling can be very therapeutic. (and not every page has to be beautiful, if it served it's purpose then it's beautiful for that!)

I saw your comment at the 'songs in my heART' blog - I don't know if Penny already contacted you: old work is welcome too! It would be great if you send something music related to the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hope creating this has been quite therapeutic for you.
Love the colours and the mood its conveying.