Sunday, March 06, 2011

Too nice to succeed? Probably, but that's fine by me.

Another not desperately exciting or artistic page, in fact this probably wouldn't have made it to my blog under normal circumstances, but I want to be sure that this Art Journal Every Day journey is fully documented, just to prove that I actually stuck to it.

I must admit that some days finding that ten minutes feels a lot like a chore, especially if I am really tired.  But other days it's great to have an excuse or encouragement to start playing.

Anyway, this little rant page was three days in the making, believe it or not! 
  • One day to stamp the background with smiley faces and the repeated phrase "it's NICE to be IMPORTANT, but it's more IMPORTANT to be NICE" - very much my life philosophy. 
  • One day to gesso and colour the background with various paints and sprays, and stick it into my journal
  • One day to add the journalling, stencilled image, photo and stamped dotty border
The words are about my realisation that I just don't have what it takes to achieve lofty heights in my career, as I don't have the velociraptor instincts needed.  But I'd genuinely rather be a nice, kind poor person, than rich but a nasty piece of work.  So more power to me :)

My favourite part of the page is where the uninked dots on the border stamp have lifted the stencilled image, which I hadn't realised wasn't quite dry.  Neat, if unintended, effect.  I must try that again deliberately one day :)

AJED : 64 / 365


Darcy Marshall said...

hi there, I wasn't specifically invited to strathmore, I simply filled in my email details and waited for the first workshop to start, at which point I was sent an email. I think this is the page you need.

Sid said...

Loving the colours on this page !!

michelle ward said...

LOVE the nice quote. And LOVE that you are just peeking up over the edge. Clever!

Unknown said...

I definitely love the stencil image and If you do a tutorial, I would love to see it!!!!