Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little love for my poor neglected art journal

I just checked, and the last page I completed in this little journal was dated April 22nd.  That's a whole month ago, so much for Art Journal Every Day :(

I have been doing other creative stuff near enough every day (like the new CJ I blogged about yesterday), but not working in this little book - sorry little book!

This page is in response to this prompt from the girls over at A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal:

The Prompt: Busy!
The song: Manic Monday by the Bangles
Written Lyrics HERE
Product/technique: Lace/trim

Ironically this prompt is a couple of weeks old, but I have been too busy to work with it until now!

I didn't use the lace or trim in the end, as I preferred the page without it.  

It's all about how I sometimes get so overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to do - that I try to juggle them all together and end up messing them all up.  I need to learn to calm down, and concentrate on doing the highest priority tasks WELL, rather than trying to do absolutely everything and achieving absolutely nothing.

My favourite part of this page is the background which I made with spray paint over those black plastic things which hold the twist ties into toy packaging.  I'm really in love with spray paint at the moment.

AJED : 77 / 365 

(I'm not sure why I'm continuing with this counter given that it's obvious I won't be anywhere near 365 by the end of the year - I've failed rather dismally with the whole Art Journal Every Day thing - but it will still be nice at the end of the year to see how many days I did manage to just play, just for me.  Hopefully it will be at least 100, maybe more)



Mrs Pretzel said...

It's awesome!! I sucked up journaling eery day too... which is one of the reasons I started a Year in the Life... and I STILL can't keep up!! And I run the joint!! lol

Marit said...

Finding a balance in life ánd work is so hard... You made a great page about it!!! Love the colours, and the image of the cracked egg! I also like your circle journal with the flaps (you showed yesterday) Great idea!!! And I LOVE the tartan (for sentimental reasons too, I was a huge 'Bay City Rollers' fan in my teens... )

Glenda T. said...

Love that cracked egg and just the fact that you are journaling is great!! I go in spurts and it works for me!

TJ said...

You go girl. I love this spread, it's so real! (Even if it's late). I mean, how much more can we possibly squeeze into our days? I wonder all the time... *egg splatters on floor!*