Monday, May 02, 2011

Hooray, it's HOME!....UK Stampers CJ

Actually it's been home for a couple of weeks, but it has taken me a while to get it fixed up, rebound and photographed. 

But all that aside, here it is - the CJ that I sent out on its little journey way back in November 2009 - it hit a few delays along the way but it finally came back to me last month. 

I'm really chuffed that the covers have survived 12 postings so well - I was a bit worried all that crackle paste might flake off - but it's still solid as a rock (and all the little pebbles held on too, god bless gorilla glue!)

Looks great inside, huh?
You can see my own page on the original post (linked up there as 'November 2009') - and here are the rest (sorry about my painty old table in the background):

"Shrink Me" by Tasha (Chicken Licken)
"the gate to another dimension" by Sid (Harpie)
"when one door closes" by Linda E
"Dante's Inferno" by Claireabelle
"Look Inside" by 3D Jean
"Boo!" by Efemera
My bestest pal Alison G spoilt me with a double set of gorgeous hand-watercoloured pages
"Alice's Garden" by Moira (Happy Daze)
Another take on "one door opens..." - there was no sign in tag for this one, but by a process of elimination, it must be by T Ann
"Keys" by Fiona (Magickdiva)
 and last but CERTAINLY not least, a masking masterpiece!

"hell of a good universe next door" by Diane (Morti)
Thanks so much to everyone who worked in the journal - I'm glad you all had fun with the door stamps.

It now has pride of place on my CJ bookshelf :) 


ally said...

wow what an amazing cj to get back.

Sid said...

Fab set of entries Flo.......glad you like it !!

Anonymous said...

what a stunning CJ - well worth the wait! Love all the work but Alison's and Morti's really stand out.

Carmen Wing said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Michelle S said...

It's gr8!!!!

Unknown said...

It was a great couple of stamps, so versatile, didn't everyone do well? I'm glad it came back, I was worried about it!

Erika Jean said...

What a cute little book! I really like the texture and rocks on the front.

VickiA said...

Oh Sarah, some of those pages are just stunning. What a gorgeous CJ.

Lorraine said...

looks great

Marit said...

Gorgeous.... it's a real treasure that came home to you!!! Next time you do a 'swap' (what's it called?) like this, let me know! I'd love to join!

Morti said...

Heheheh - glad you liked the work Sarah! I'm going to buy the two door stamps myself now cos I LOVED them (and they're Third Coast Rubber, too...).

Gaby Bee said...

Stunning pages, very creative with lots of fabulous detail to explore. Simply perfect!

Have a lovely week,

Carol Browne said...

I love the house shape of the book. And SHRINK me. So great!

P.J. said...

That is so very cool!