Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up in my Trip/Travel journal

Thanks to some bloke marrying some woman, we all got the day off work and school today - woohoo!  So I spent some time this morning playing catch up in my 2011 trip journal... I'm trying to document all our day trips and holidays this year, so we'll have something to look back at in the future to remember all the fun times.

So here's the page about our day out at Blenheim Palace - all very posh and regal, and rather appropriate for a day like today! 

None of us had ever been there before, and we weren't sure what to expect, but it was a fantastic place to visit, both the house and extensive grounds, not too stuffy and snobby and boring, if you know what I mean - and we barely had time to see everything there was to see and do everything there was to do.

Not very "arty", these pages, more just a download of memories.  But I did enjoy using my new Copic airbrush system (a birthday pressie from t'other half) to make the backgrounds, and doodling the little maze.

And yes, that's my third orangey/yellow based page in a row - I'm afraid I made up a little too much paint the other day, and I'm too tight to waste it!  But that's it all gone now.  No more yellow for a while, I promise :)

AJED : 75 / 365


Unknown said...

Great page!!! Glad you enjoyed your day off!!! I do love your color choices!!!

Michelle S said...

It looks mint! lol!!! I cant wait to get my CJ back not long now! :)

Marit said...

I love, love LOVE yellow and orange! Great page and indeed very appropriate to make on a day like that... It's much more interesting to look at either!!! More passion in your page then in the wedding-ceremony! Enjoy your Sunday!

Nathalie Nayer said...

Waouw! This spread is gorgeous!
I am flying to Milan next friday and I can't wait to open my moleskine to draw/write/paint/doodle :)

P.J. said...

Not sure if you've ever done this, but you should do a post on how you do all of this, take the time, your inspirations, your patience, etc. It's really wild stuff!