Friday, April 22, 2011

No Waaaay! Really??

Woohoo!!  Now that Skullita is in the post and winging her way to the U S of A, I am back to playing in my art journal, I've missed it loads!

And I knew exactly what I wanted to do on my first page I loved this fortnight's prompt from A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal:
The prompt: Really?!
The song: Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Selena Gomez (lyrics HERE)
Product/technique: speech bubbles

And it fitted right in with something I'd been wondering about recently....if I had the chance to go back in time and talk to my younger self, before my disastrous marriage, before various other mistakes I've made, what would I say to her?

The more I thought about it, the more I figured that she wouldn't believe a word I was saying anyway - especially if I told her some things about my life in 2011 - I've ended up a very different person than perhaps I would have predicted back then!  But I'm happier than I've ever been, so hip hip hooray for unexpected diversions from the plan :)

This page took much longer than it looks like it took - I spent hours making a lovely, involved, woven book page background, and then promptly covered it up so much you can barely see it, pah! :)

Luckily I took a photo of the background before I stuck and wrote stuff all over it, I love the look (inspired by Maryanne's cards here) - I must try this again, and next time maybe I'll leave a bit showing!

AJED : 73 / 365


Carmen Wing said...

I love this page so MUCH!I wouldn't have listened to myself either - infact I'd have done my damndest to do the exact opposite of whatever I told myself... does that even make sense?


This page I really love :D

Marit said...

Oh Sarah, this is fabulous!!! I know what you mean with 'she wouldn't listen' - I wouldn't either if I could talk to my younger self... ha! Aren't we all a bit stubburn (?) I guess we must make those mistakes in order to get where we are now. the background of the page is wonderful! Glad you took a photo!

Glenda T. said...

Wow, this is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love that background and the pic and colors, it's amazing!!

Nigel said...

Wonderful pages, and there's nothing like having perfect 20:20 hindsight lol

TJ said...

I love speech bubbles! Very cool page, and the whole idea of time travel is a great prompt for a spread. Love the checkered background... I think it still comes through and gives good interest in the end!

Rosie said...

Sarah, like Nigel said, hindsight is a wonderful thing... and I wouldn't have believed all the things I've done then either!!
Love that bright bg - so pretty and vivid!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

These pages are really wonderful! I beg to differ on your opinion of the woven page-- it looks like it took a long time and was a great effort and the results are spectacular! I'd love to hold this journal-- I bet it's nice and thick!!

Parabolic Muse said...

You know, I love the background AND the embellishments! Mousetrap was so awesome! We played it for hours!

Thanks for the links. I'm checking these out.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Sarah, I love your woven background and the way it creates different tones of each colour. Must copy (i mean be inpired by) this