Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The game's up!

And so, this is the end of the Take Ten CJ - and what fun it has been!

The theme of this last journal was board games, can you guess which game I chose to interpret?

Mousetrap, of course :)

I used to LOVE that game, must dig it out, haven't played it in years!

Actually, I say I chose Mousetrap, in actual fact it was chosen for me - as I am the last to work on this CJ and therefore the other nine games had already been taken.  But I think I would have picked this one even if I had gone first, I really enjoyed searching for just the right real-life imagery to represent all the game pieces - the old boot, the rickety stairs, the bath tub, and my favourite, the diving man :)

Here's the layout back in the book, with my sign in tag:

It goes home to its owner next week - and that's when my own book should come home also - can't wait!!!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Take Ten CJ - it's been a pleasure to host, no drop outs, no delays, no drama - perfect :)


Marit said...

I never heard of that game, but I sure love the page!!! Must be excited to receive your own - filled up - album by mail! I remember the feeling from a swap years ago - the book arriving had me singing all day!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh thank you very much. Am going to be singing that for days. Craig didn't speak to me for ages when I showed the girls a link on You Tube :D :D

LOVE this page, so bright, the piccies are so perfect!

And thank you for your lovely words yesterday - I totally agree about the birdies :P

Lorraine said...

love the bright colours

Sid said...

Love your pages !!

Anonymous said...

lol what fun pages - I would have picked the same game!