Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Secret Santa ROCKS!

As I write this post, it's late in the evening of Christmas Day.  We've all eaten FAR too much, of course, and opened tons of fantabulous pressies.

I hope that anyone reading this had a wonderful day just like we did.

Especially my Secret Santa from Carmen's Christmas swap - who has spoilt me rotten!

Not only did whoever-it-is send a lovely, high quality sketchbook (perfect timing as I've just filled up my previous art journal, and haven't gotten round to buying or making a new one yet), a Cadbury's Wish chocolate (I looooooove those!) and a big pack full of fantastic papers and ephemera for arting up.

But she (pretty sure all the participants were shes) also carved me some fantastic little Christmas tree stamps, and - and this was the part of the gift that made me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the loudest - she made me the MOST gorgeous little quilted bag for my journalling pens (seen above modelling my Copic airbrush plus all my most used pens).  This bag is beyond impeccable in its construction - I WISH I could sew like that! - and I love it to bits!

Thank you SO much Santa - one little confession, though.  I set up a movement activated security camera last night by our tree, and, well, you're not so secret any more!  Nice moves ;)


Carmen Wing said...

OMG! what a gorgeous present and, like you say, so thoughtful and so YOU! Love that bag.

I had the best time with this swap - same time next year?

Joyce van der Lely said...

I got me one of those Cadbury Wish chocs as well (my first ever) I Loooooove it too. Have a great New Year !

Joyce van der Lely said...

what a great secret Santa it was, have a fantastic New Year !!

Luna Art said...

So glad you liked your gift Sarah!This was only the second swap I've ever done but I had such fun with this swap will definately join in again next year.Happy New Year to you x

Paige said...

Hi Santa ;) I have just managed to steal a few minutes away from visiting family and check out Carmens blog to find out who was whos Santa's. Thank you so Much for your amazing gifts!!!!! everything was lovely and so perfect for me! I love that you used my tattoo art work on the diary and then sent me the stencil to use again (and again as it will be :) The ladybird poppy seeds will be put to very good use as they will be planted with my plans for 2012 once the ground softens up here. I admit to NOT sharing the chocolates!!! I ate them ALL myself and they were YUMMY!!!!! ;) Thank you so much for meing my santa :) lets hope carmen does this again next year so we can all play along again :) Px