Sunday, September 02, 2012

Showing some love to Mutant Enemy and all things Whedonesque

And so, I was thinking, I'd really like a Firefly t-shirt.

But I couldn't find any I really liked online, and besides, I'm skint at the moment and trying not to spend money on things I don't 100% need (we shall ignore the graphic novel I bought in Forbidden Planet yesterday as clearly that was an essential purchase)

Then I remembered I have a load of plain t-shirts I bought ages ago, and a drawer full of fabric paints too, so why not make my own?

I hummed and harred about the perfect design (and I think I know what I want to do, it involves cutting a pretty intricate stencil, heaven knows when I will get around to it) - and then got sidetracked and decided that as well as a Firefly shirt it would also be fun to make a shirt dedicated to all things in the Whedon/Mutant Enemy -verse overall (especially with the recent announcement of the upcoming Dr Horrible sequel - woohoo!!)

So here he is - the little grrrrrr arrrgghhhh dude (which will bring back happy memories if you were ever a Buffy nut like me), immortalised on a t-shirt which I will be super proud to wear :)

First layer of paint:

Outlining in black:

Getting ready to stamp the lettering:

All done:


Virginia said...

OH Sarah it really is awesome!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh yes - you could never turn over till you'd done the 'grrrr arrrrgh!'

He's fabulous... and if you ever DO start selling, stick me in the queue for one of these ;) I'd even send you a vest to do it on ;)

Luna Art said...

Sarah, its fab!! In our house we all had to wait and do the Grrrrrr aaarrghh thing too!!
Ditto to what Carmen said, Put me on the waiting list!!!! x