Friday, August 31, 2012

Rock CJ - I'm all done and dusted

Last November, this was my contribution to for Clare's "colours" journal in the Rock CJ - I chose the colour vermillion and my entry was based on the Slipknot song of the same name

Sadly, not long after that, one of our participants went AWOL, taking Clare's book with her :(  So, in order to finish off my commitments to this CJ as a whole, I needed to re-create my entry

I still have some small hope that the original book might one day re-surface, however, so I didn't want to simply copy what I did before. In fact I didn't even stick to the colour red, this time I chose orange.

Or, to be more specific, tangerine - for the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

I did keep the same basic shape though, as I like the way it folds up.

Above is how it looks closed, with the 4 famous symbols representing the members of Led Zep

And here it is opened up:

The patchwork style background is watercoloured, the picture (I used a photo of Florence from Florence and the Machine as her almost medieval look suits the lyrics of the song well, I think) is an image transfer, and the writing around the edge was done using Posca paint pens

The back all opened up with my sign in in the middle:

And the matching "spine" part:

And that's it, I'm all done!

It's been fun ladies!  (apart from the one book going walkies of course)

Round 3 another time maybe???


Virginia said...

Oh Sarah that's absolutely gorgeous you are the second person to mention those paint pens recently I might have to get myself one to see what they are like. Loving the colour scheme overall such a gorgeous shade of orange loving the image transfer too most apt.

Carmen Wing said...

Ditto what Virginia said - I may have to add those pens to my wishlist.

This page is equally as gorgeous as the first was. I love Florence's look anyway but she fits so fabulously onto this colour scheme.

Boooooo to another CJ going walkies :(

Sabrina said...

The colours are delicious! I love the first go round too! Hope it shows up somewhere, sometime!