Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally some creativity to share

I had a little time off from making stuff in the first half of this month, I think I was a little burnt out by the Index Card A Day thing - I don't think I have the energy for daily creativity.  Not if I still have to go to work every day anyway :)

I'm back on it now though, fully rested, and have completed a couple of pages in Shirley's "one word" pair journal this week, ready to post back to her before I trot off on my hols.

The "sing" page above I'm actually quite pleased with, I think it is the first face I have ever drawn/painted that I don't hate.  And I love the way Shirley's collaged background looks underneath

And here's my page for "reflect"

The only other things I have done in the book on this round are a new background for Shirley to work on:

And I added some bubbles to Shirley's diver:


Antonia said...

Thou art very talented Sarah :)

Carmen Wing said...

Love it all and you are indeed the Queen of backgrounds... well, along with Virginia. Blimey can you imagine you two running a workshop? How amazing that day would be!

Sabrina said...

Wow! I wish I had that much creativity after taking a break. The circular design for the background is tremendous! Love it! Really strong designs on "sing" and "reflect". So beautiful!