Friday, August 03, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday weeks 30 & 31

Oooops I did it again - somehow I have managed to miss a week. Not sure how, I've just been a tad busy both at work and at home and blogging kind of slipped my mind for a while there....

So in the interests of catching up, rather than the day by day account I usually do in these posts, here's a combined list of everything that's been rocking my world over this last fortnight

  • First up - money

Not that I've got any - that would be nice :)  But nope - the fortnight started off with a visit to my bank and a long, detailed chat with them about how I can consolidate my debts so they are easier to repay, and how I can cut down in some areas of my outgoings to save expenditure. It could have been depressing but actually it was pretty empowering, I've now got a MUCH better handle on what I'm spending and if I can stick to my new regime I should be totally debt free in a couple of years which will be amazing having had money worries hanging over me for years now.

And then a couple of days ago, out of the blue, I got called in by the boss (always scary as I automatically think I have done something wrong and am going to get a telling off :) ) and given a small but helpful payrise - yay!  Things are looking up :)

  • Firefly!!!

For years I've been making excuses not to watch this little bit of television genius - I knew it had been cancelled after just one season and I knew the chances are I would absolutely fall head over heels in love with it.  A Joss Whedon produced space western - what's not to like??

So I figured I would spare myself the pain of loving something then immediately losing it, by not watching it at all.

But my willpower finally crumbled last week, and I'm so glad it did!  I'm now 9 episodes into the 14, and I don't want it ever to end.

  • Health
Last year the docs put me on blood pressure tablets which I wasn't too chuffed about as they made me really sleepy - my life pretty much became "work, dinner, sleep" for a while with no energy for anything else.

So about 4 months ago I stopped picking up my repeat prescriptions and took myself of the tablets - which I know is really naughty!  

I finally went back to the docs last week ready for a telling off and a new prescription, but when she took my blood pressure she declared that I am now below the worrisome level and no longer need the meds - hooray!  I have to go back and get checked regularly for the next few months, but here's hoping it stays out of the danger zone.

  • Index Card A Day

The ICAD project came to an end on July 31st and I am over the moon that I made it to the end of the 61 days without missing a single card.  And I even like some of them! (some of my favourites above).  Daily creativity is hard work - but I managed it, and enjoyed it too.  For two months anyway (must admit I haven't done a thing since and am enjoying the rest :)  )

  • The Olympics
Now I must disclose up front that we have barely watched any of the actual SPORT (the Winter games are more my thing, so our olympics comes in 2 years time) -  but we have enjoyed the general Olympics buzz so far.

We watched the whole of the bonkers but brilliant opening ceremony last week (loved the Industrial Revolution bit especially), we have cheered whenever we heard word of another Team GB medal, and when we were in Lee Valley Park earlier this week we walked past the Canoe Slalom event and heard all the whoops and cheers which was exciting.

And it's just great to see the whole country united in their excitement over our local games.  Fab.

  • Geocaching

Now that the weather is finally picking up a bit (well, mostly, it's been peeing it down again today), we are geocaching a bit more regularly again.  We have been out for nice long caching walks over both the past two weekends - lapping up the sunshine and the scenery and generally having a wonderful time.  And with me watching the pennies especially carefully at the moment it's the perfect hobby as, apart from a bit of petrol getting to the start point of our walk, it's free!

The kids were particularly pleased this weekend to find their 300th geocache - next milestone will be for myself and Jay as we are just 6 short of our 500th

  • Seeing my dad

I don't get to see my dad anywhere near as often as I'd like, so it's a real treat when I do get down to London for a visit.  Connor and I popped down the motorway to see him a few days ago.  and annoyingly I've just realised I didn't take a single photo - so here's one of him on an elephant in Sri Lanka about 40 years ago instead :)

and last but not least

  • Fun days out
On the way to my dad's, we always pass signs for the "Royal Gunpowder Mills" at Waltham Abbey, but we've never been.  So as it was a nice sunny day, and we had a few hours spare, we thought we would go and see what it was like.

And it was fantastic!  Such an interesting place, and so much to see and do.  Despite it being the summer holidays we almost had the run of the place, maybe everyone else was at the Olympics?   

We saw a cool film about the history of gunpowder, joined in with the interactive science experiments, shot airsoft rifles, went for a ride on a military truck, made a cola fountain, saw deer in the grounds, tried archery, and played with the guns and the dress up clothes in the armoury

Definitely a recommended day out for anyone with boys (or gun crazy girls :) )

So that's a fortnight's worth of positives from me, it's not been a bad couple of weeks! :)

I'll be linking this up at Rocking Central (otherwise known as Virginia's blog), why don't you join us?  


misteejay said...

You have certainly had a busy couple of weeks but it sounds like you've been enjoying it.

There is a real buzz about the Olympics although I have to say I was surprised to see men out cutting the roadside grass at 10.30pm this evening as I came home from Mum's - still it should look nice and tidy ready for folk making their way to Hadleigh for the biking this weekend.

Enjoy the coming week.

Toni xx

Luna Art said...

Well done you for being brave enough to face the bank manager, the worry of its normally worse than the actual thing!
Good news re your blood pressure.
I have never allowed myself to watch Firefly either as I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. I always start to watch an American series only to have them cancel it, its so frustrating!
Great photos from the gunpowder Mills, the bottle thats about to explode looks fun!

Have a great week x

Virginia said...

Wow you manage to fit in so much in such a short space of time, hurray on the sorting money out so it's less of a headache and hurray for small pay rise - not had one of those in quite some time.

Loving the geocaching goals that you've managed and days out that aren't packed out with other people - fabulous stuff! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.


Carmen Wing said...

Yay for the blood pressure and the bank manager - that can only help even more surely!

Loving your days out and the old picture of your Dad :P You're making me wonder whether to get Firefly now too!

Have a great week x

Joanna said...

Well done you for taking the bull by the horns and sorting out an achievable target with your bank. The Olympics has given the country such a positive lift and I'm really enjoying reading the papers - about people who have achieved through hard work and dedication rather than the silly celebrity stuff when people are just famous for, well, crass reasons. These sports people are the ones our kids should be looking up to, not models and 'it girls'. (Rant over!).

Love the photo of the bottle about to explode :)


The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Catching up on blogs after hollyberries. Great photos. Like the look of the tag a day. I love the olympic torch too. It is so beautiful. jenx