Monday, November 26, 2012

My "empowered" postcards are on their way

Today was posting day for iHanna's autumn postcard swap - and by the skin of my teeth I was ready just in time

Four of my cards are headed to America - 2 x Virginia, plus Arizona & Oregon -  and the fifth card is Quebec bound.  None at all going to Europe this time which was a surprise, as last time I took part in this swap there were a lot of Scandinavian participants.

The theme for the postcards was "empowerment", and the most empowered words I know are those from the Pearl Jam song, "I Am Mine":

I know I was born and I know that I'll die
The in between is mine
I am mine

So I decided to kind of re-create a journal entry from last year:

Although I didn't still have any of the original imagery, and I thought I'd do it in slightly more uplifting colours, so the end result is nothing much like the original:

I've stuck one of my faux postage stamps on the back of each (along with a real one!) - I hope the recipients like them ....

And I wonder what I shall receive in return? Exciting!


Karen Isaacson said...

gorgeous! I was still putting the finishing touches on mine THIS MORNING, but they made it out in today's mail. talk about skin of the teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Flo -

Lovely, lovely postcard design and theme. Thanks for stopping by and giving a shout out.

She Who Doodles said...

got one, yeah!! received on of you empowerment cards in the mail. thank you so much.

Julie Lapointe said...

I do like mine!!! I was very happy to find one in the mailbox!

Unknown said...

they will love them. the colors are wonderful!

Eilandkind/Islandchild said...

Thank you so much from the Virgin islands, I received your lovely card. Thank you again. Blessings for the Season.

Unknown said...

I received one of your enpowerment postcards and it is amazing. I love it. Hope that you are enjoying the holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2013.