Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh....My......God....... (please read in best Janice from Friends voice)

Well....Friday night was the Swindon Wildcats quiz night. We aren't the best funded team in the league, so events like this, where the fans get together to have some fun (and the poor players are pressganged into turning up too lol) are vitally important fund raisers.

It was a brilliant night out. We had team captain Wayne Fiddes on our table. I am being generous and attributing his complete lack of either general or hockey knowledge onto his recent concussion :) Bless him. Nice bloke though.

We managed to end up 3rd out of about 15 teams, so we didn't do too bad. And no we didn't cheat at ALL, honest to goodness guvnor, but Wayne's mate Chris, and my bessie Alison and other half Ian all chipped in with a few answers despite not being there. Isn't telepathy clever?

Cons got to have his piccie taken with his hero, Lee Richardson, our young #16.

Tracey got yet another photo of her with Wayne for her shrine (her nephew told me she has a basement room full of candles and there is a little altar surrounded by photos of Wayne...I'm not sure how much truth there is in that ;) OK, I'm lying, but he did embarrass her soundly in front of our dear Captain, and his wife and mother lol

And Nelly called poor Tomas Janak to heel to have his piccie taken with me :) The pic is still on Tracey's camera at the moment, but I will add it to this post as soon as I have it. From what I could see on her camera, I was the colour of beetroot and was cringing with embarrassment :D

Edited to add, here it is. I am not constipated, I am embarrassed!!! :D

Fast forward to last night. A brilliant game against the Milton Keynes Lightning, who are a long way higher up the table than us, so certainly no pushovers. In the 2nd period we were sitting at 3-1 down, but we managed to pull it back to 3-3. We would have all been happy with a point, but then with virtually no time left on the clock, we got another one in and took the game 3-4. The place ERUPTED!

On a side note, at each home game, there is a "shirt off the player's back" raffle. I buy a couple of tickets each week. This week it was the turn of - you guessed it - #41, Swindon Wildcats Player of the Month for January, our highest scoring D-man (he shows up half the forwards), Janak :)

Well,I might have bought a few more tickets than I usually do :) (no, not 100s!! I bought 6, rather than the usual 2). But I was still in complete and utter shock when I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so embarrassed though, after mobbing him for autographs last week, having him accosted on my behalf Friday night, and now this :) I couldn't meet his eye as I walked onto the ice for our shirt presentation, in case he starts to think I'm a dangerous stalker :)

Luckily Connor was there to distract attention, so he got the shirt handed to him. God it SMELT. And it was dripping with sweat. Yuk :) I thought Tomas sweat might be sexy....but, nah!


Thanks to Michelle for filming the momentous occasion on my phone:

All in all, what a great couple of days :)

And if any solicitors are reading, I know a tall Slovakian hockey player who might be in the market for a restraining order :)


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Anonymous said...

I think the dear Cap't may need help with that restraining order waaaaaaayyyyyyy before Tomas!!!!!

Don't know what you mean about candles! There are just a few strategically placed lights and pictures and much sighing!!!!

(From Tracey, but I don't have one of these bloggie type account things so had to press 'anon'!!)