Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a game, what a game, what a game, what a mighty good game

A note for anyone who has made the effort to plough right back to the start of my blog....I know my blog seems to start a little suddenly - this is because I had a pretty rotten year in 2007, and kind of wanted to start afresh in 2008, so I deleted all posts from 2007 and back.

So I'm sorry for the lack of a gentle introduction....

And yes, I'm talking about the Wildcats!!!

Fantastically entertaining game tonight at the Link. Worth the price of my season ticket all on its own :)

This game had everything, goals galore (final score was 9-6, in our favour) including a hat trick from Joel the Goal and a deuce from MVP (and all round hottie) Tomas Janak, a very contentious disallowed goal (we scored 10 really), a few fights and general high levels of physicality throughout, including the visiting netminder roughing up the ref and one of the linesmen, which was entertaining.

What else? Darby's mate Katie had her birthday do up at the game, and was surprised at the end of the 60 minutes when they called her onto the ice for a photo with the team and then presented her with Nathan Craze's stick, signed by the whole roster. HOW cool is THAT?

Oh and then to cap off a perfect evening, it was #41's turn to do autographs after the game (and Addie Brittle too, but I was slightly less excited about him, bit young for me :)) - he signed Connor's jersey and talked to him for ages (and Cons said to him "my mum is your biggest fan" lol), and then posed for pics. I look like a lunatic (and a FAT one!!!) in this photo, but chuffed to pieces :)

Oh, and tomorrow? MORE HOCKEY!!!! YAY!!!! Off up to Cov for the Blaze vs the Devils. Woohoo!!!!


Anonymous said...

Orderly with hypodermic just out of shot :)

Sarah said...

just checked the stats for the game, Tomas got a hattie tooooo!!!! I thought that 2nd one was a helper....doh (this is why we need a commentator at the game :))