Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A-Z starts here

The girls over at the It's a Creative World blog have an A-Z Art Journal challenge a goin' on....and I thought it might be fun to join in.

It's one page every 2 weeks, prompted by a different letter of the alphabet - so in theory by the end of the year I should have reached the letter Z.

Most of the other participants seem to be very organised, with themes, and book covers already done, and each page completed minutes after the fortnightly letter prompt comes out.

Not me :) I have no theme, and no book, and I've only just got around to doing my page for the letter A, 3 weeks late :) But I'll get there...

Here is my 'A' page - A for Alive:

The silhouette is me, in my jamas :) I'm supposed to be kind of paddling in the sea, and flinging my arms out in a joyful fashion - not walking on water lol. I don't really have a god complex, honest :D

The lyrics are Pearl Jam, and sum up a lot of how I was feeling last year, and still do up to a point, survivor guilt gets me at different levels.

But this page is mainly positive. It is fitting that this is the first page in a journal that will span the whole of 2008, as the first day of this year was a real turning point for me, left a lot of my demons behind, and stepped out of the fog.

I feel healthily alive for the first time in as long as I can remember.

That is brain healthy, not body healthy, I'm still overweight, unfit, and lacking in many vital nutrients :D

This was quick and easy to make. Selphy pic of me in my joy-to-the-world pose taken with camera on self timer balanced on a table. Background is painted with Daler Rowney pearlescent fluid acrylics and watercolour pencils. [ALIVE] is stamped and the rest is handwritten.

Next up, the letter B. for Brother.


Anonymous said...

coooooey Ed Ved!!!!

Nics said...

Loving it..LOL How spooky though..I've just done my A too ( That sounds baaad!)...No book, no plan...We can be flakey rebels together!!!!!!

Alter Me said...

gorgeous!!!! glad you are having such a good year. and let's it hear for flakey rebels!!!! mine has just been the odd letter, all altered stuff and no theme other than that ;0)

Anonymous said...

I love this. I love the song, I love the connection with you and I think it's one of your best pieces so far.