Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New look for my beloved Swindon Wildcats....

.... please don't sue the team, Mr Disney!!!

Separated at birth....

New Swindon logo:

Disney's High School Musical Wildcats logo:


(I like the red, though....)

(thanks to eagle eyed Tracey who spotted the likeness, clearly a closet HSM watcher! :) )


Unknown said...

Nah, it's sufficiently different. Red is different, orientation is different, styling is different, sport is different.

They're as similar to each other than, e.g. Calgary and Guildford Flames -- and they're the same sport!!

Simple, clean, effective. That's how it won over the dozens of other options.

Sarah said...

yup, I always wondered how Guildford got away with it too! :)

although then again, Canadians are a bit more laid back about that kind of stuff.

I heard about Disney suing a children's hospice once for an "unauthorised" mural featuring Disney characters - although then again I think that might be an urban myth :)

For the record, I like the red a lot - especially if the colour reproduction on the screen is accurate, I like the "plum" type tone it has, compared to pillar box.

And I would like the logo a lot too if it wasn't exactly like the HSM one!!!

I think it will grow on me

Claudia said...

I wouldn't worry - Wildcats is a very, VERY common team name throughout the US and around (my own school team was also one of those wildcats) and variations on logos can only be so many. There is of course the fact that the color is similar but it's not identical, the font is totally different and in any case no one can confuse one for the other.

The story about Disney suing a children's hospital about illegal use of their characters in a mural is true, sadly. It happened in Florida (very close to Mr Mouse's backyard) and they had to remove the mural. Universal then saw the opportunity and painted a new mural with THEIR characters! It seems harsh but with issues of trademarks they have to be aggressive or else they lose their value and can become generic.

They are currently suing a local family (in Florida) for illegal use of their characters for parties. The couple allege that they thought the costumes were simply an orange tiger and an orange bear... yeah right.

Your friendly Disney expert,

Sarah said...

thank you Claudia - I knew I could rely on you :)

it was the actual face of the puddy tat that worried me as it is SO similar - but I guess there are only so many ways you can draw a wildcat :)

Unknown said...

Their cat looks right to left, not left to right;

Our cat has a fatter face (too many kebabs, Willie?);

The sunken eyes are deeper on ours;

We're PANTONE186C, Disney's not ;-)

Our cat has more teeth;

The gap between the top and bottom teeth is different between the two cats;

The inner hair is less prominent on our cat;

Our cat has a chubby cheek at the base of his whiskers (again, lay of the kebabs!);

The bump on our cat's head is more prominent;

I think we're safe ;-)

Sarah said...

ok ok ok :)

you've convinced me :)

I do really like the red, and I'm sure Connor will be nagging me for a new jersey at the very first home game, so there's a sale right out of the bat

(I'd like one myself, but I'm going to try and win one in the raffle like last year lol)

Anonymous said...

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