Monday, July 28, 2008

It appears to be silly o' clock

But I kind of got on a roll with this CJ entry and wanted to finish it (I'll be shattered at work tomorrow, but).

This is my entry in Ann's tattoo CJ. Her theme is "tell me a story" - the idea being we explain the meanings behind our tattoos.

It's very much not my usual inky, painty, arty farty style - I even used patterned papers instead of making my own, which is unusal for me nowadays - in fact it's decidedly scrapbooky - but I really really like it :)

The cool thing about this particular CJ is that it's designed to hang up vertically - so a 2-page spread has a top and a bottom, not a right and a left. That makes an interesting change.

On the top page I had an awful lot of info to fit into a 6x6 page, so I did a bit of paper engineering to give me a bigger canvas. I like how it looks shut, and open it gave me plenty of room to explain the ins and outs of my 4 old tattoos (if you want to read, you'll need to click):

On the bottom page, which was all about my new backpiece, I HAD to use the beautiful orca stamp that Michelle carved for me. This is the best stamp I own without a shadow of a doubt.

Looks great doesn't it!

Behind the orca I put some cream vellum just to tone down the colours of the backpiece photo, as the bright reds and blues don't really go with the olive/currant papers I used.

That's the same reason I changed the colours of the Canucks logo, I hope they won't sue me for using the wrong Pantone :)

Here's the bottom page open:

I really enjoyed working in this book. It's always fun to do something a little different.


Kim Mailhot said...

Sarah, you have been working on some fun stuff lately ! Really expressive and it is contageous to feel your excitment about trying new things !
Love your use of your super special stamp!

michelle ward said...

dude - these pages rock...and they are so personal and real. love that you love the baby stamp. love that you got your masterpiece completed. *runs off to find a post about that* xo